Jan 3, 2017

The Sacred Journey - my personal goals for 2017

After a long search for my perfect agenda, I decided to go with The Sacred Journey (link in the title) which is a very detailed personal planner for intuitive people, spiritual people, and goal setters.

I am a huge fan of it because I really like goal setting. As the year progresses, things change. Opportunities come and go, and ideas are constantly flowing, progress and challenges in motion. I like the idea of very detailed and flexible goal setting that you can maintain and update throughout the year.

The only way I can really share this with you is to show you photos of the actual pages - of my personal goals for 2017. Although a little intimate, I believe this also will help with affirmations (the concept of "the secret" and the power of attraction: putting my intentions out into the universe).

I have always kept an annual agenda, because I find electronics to be impersonal, and there is just something about writing by hand that makes things more intimate and real for me. Also, I forget things. My calendar shows me a dot on every single birthday that facebook has added, every holiday or event, so my days are constant grey dots and I never can distinguish what is important. It is too easy for me to forget a doctor's appointment, or a special event when I can't flip through the pages and see my bright colourful writing marking the days I need to plan for.

The beginning of "The Sacred Journey - Daily Journal for your Soul" is a very detailed section of instructions followed by monthly calendars/goal setting/divination pages/weekly diary, as well as sections for the solstices to do your divination and update as time goes on.

The goal sections are divided to be very specific and precise, and there are annual & monthly sections for your form of divination. I personally like to use Colette Baron-Reid's "Wisdom of the Hidden Realms" divination deck (kind of like tarot cards but very easy to use with excellent and specific description of the cards.)

I will post pictures of how I go about using the journal, hopefully it is inspiring and you can draw some ideas for yourself. Or, at the very least, pray for me that I may achieve these goals!

Love and Light to everyone this new year