Jan 9, 2017

2017 - Goal Setting - My list

I have spent a lot of time writing in my journal, I did post a bit briefly about the journal I"m using for 2017. I would really like to write out in point form some specific goals, not only to share and inspire but to reinforce with myself what it is that I'd like to do here.

My Heart Calling

This is where I list all the things that call to me, my deepest desires and what drives me. My sense of purpose, wonder and delight.


  • Flying
  • Pilots
  • Aviation
  • Airports
  • Luggage and packing
  • High status membership
  • Star Alliance Gold
  • Cruises
  • Dressing up
  • Luxury travel
  • Beautiful destinations
  • Low cost airlines
  • European countries
  • Food
  • Trying new things
  • Discovering new places
  • Volunteer vacations
  • Giving back
  • Driving
  • Excitement
  • New languages
  • Mountains & oceans
  • Scuba diving
  • Heat
  • Thailand
  • "home" is where the heart is
  • The view
  • Family - Friends are the family you get to choose
  • Freedom
  • Love
  • Happiness
  • Feeling good
  • Exploring

My Credo

This is where I write down my personal values/morals in the form of a prayer or poem, or a letter.
"I want to live with the intention to do right by others and seek my path to my highest good. I want to be open to religions and spirituality, and be accepting of others beliefs. I want to be curious and open-minded, and never let fear get in the way of new and amazing experiences/opportunities.
Don't compare myself to others, don't be jealous or envious.  The grass isn't greener on the other side - it is greenest where you water it.  Live in Grace and Humility.  Love unconditionally.  Be patient, be kind, most of all, be empathetic.  Let things go, but learn from your mistakes.  Forgive, but don't forget.  Protect yourself by setting healthy boundaries.  Live and let live.  This is my time to SHINE, and this is the only chance I'll have to be WHO I AM ... Breathing THIS air at THIS time in THIS body.  Thank you, Universe."

My Heartline - I am what I take into my heart

  • Practice listening without interrupting.
  • Be kind to everyone. Everyone deserves love. You don't know their stories, their lives, their path or journey.
  • Give without the expectation of results. 
  • Learn patience and tolerance with all things, situations, and people. Including children.
  • Practice self-love, and build my self-esteem
  • Try to find inner peace

My Creative Expression

  • Read more about communication and listening
  • Acting: you have talent! Reach deep inside and find your skills. Try to take classes, read books, study online, practice dialogue, study film & TV. Find your abilities there.
  • Sing more! Don't ever let anyone tell you not to. Sing for the pure joy of it. Go to karaoke. Take vocal lessons. Talk to yourself. Sing in the shower. Find joy in singing.
  • Pick up a pencil, sketch and doodle. Draw things. Paint.
  • Enjoy colouring. Adult colouring books are a gift!
  • Crafting or scrapbooking: make things by hand. Make cards and gifts for people for no reason at all. Design your own living space.
  • Learn how to sew, you have a sewing machine, use it!
  • Try to learn some graphic design. Take an online course.


  • Meditate. If you can't clear you mind, use guided meditations. Try in the morning and at night.
  • Attend AA meetings. Find spirituality there with like minded people.
  • Read religious and spiritual books. Try reading the bible, the qu'aran, new age books.
  • Learn about other people's religious and spiritual beliefs.
  • Pray often. Get on your knees. Talk to God, the Universe, or whoever.
  • Join your family/friends with their religious practices. Enjoy it!

Personal Growth

  • Write letters. Write stories. Write in your journal.
  • Focus on my heartline and develop these skills.
  • Clear my personal space into a pleasant area where I'll enjoy spending time.
  • Learn something new! Try new recipes, skills, practical things.


  • Pay all personal debts before the end of 2017. Donate 90% of NET income to paying these debts. Once they are paid, save 10% of NET income for charity.
  • Save foreign currency whenever you have a few extra bucks. Euros and US dollars.
  • Try to build an income stream of 500$+ per week.
  • Put more money into my TFSA
  • Build my personal business into a successful one!
  • Save up to purchase property.

Physical Health and Well Being

  • Quit drinking alcohol - replace drinks with tea, fruit juices, or pop.
  • DO INSANITY! I miss working out. Clear a space and enjoy a daily exercise regime.
  • Buy the equipment needed for P90X and start weight lifting again.
  • Follow through with push-up and squat challenges
  • Quit eating meat 100% and reduce seafood to 1/5th or less of your diet.
  • Juice for 3 days per month (liquid diet - shakes, fresh juices, etc)
  • Try jogging - bring Doger!
  • Find out what my allergies are and avoid allergens.


  • Visit new clubs and make new friends
  • Try to fly. I miss flying : book a fam flight just for fun.
  • Enjoy playing video games - create a schedule to allow an hour or two of alone time for gaming on PS4, or co-op WoW with friends.
  • Join the AA community and partake in activities
  • Try to have more FUN! Don't let shyness hold you back from events.

Personal Relationships

  • Visit Keith and play Wow. Call more often. Write or text.
  • Develop a relationship with your father, and strengthen the one with your mother.
  • Be there for your siblings.
  • Form new friendships with singles and childfree people.
  • Give my best friend time and space to enjoy her new marriage.
  • Spend more time with your intuitive friends.
Travel and Play
  • Spend time in Italy!!!
  • Visit a new country (or two)
  • Reapply for trusted travellers pass
  • Explore more of Europe!
  • Next trip to Thailand, try to cross the border into Laos or Cambodia or Burma
  • Go to Prague with Luis
  • Go to at least one new convention this year! (Sci-fi, SPN, furry?)


  • Practice the art of sparking joy on a daily basis.
  • Reduce my Canadian clutter until I can fit everything I own comfortably into a 30' trailer or Studio apartment.
  • Collect goods to donate for the homeless in Canada.

My Path of Service

  • Freelance articles for http://www.paintmeparadise.com/blog/
  • Try to volunteer with an animal society like the SPCA, fostering pets, or rescue animals.
  • If you can get a vehicle, go back to Meals on Wheels.
  • Volunteer in an old folks home.
  • Work on my charity.
  • PAY IT FORWARD > debt repayment > random acts of kindness
  • Participate in GISHWHES
  • Help my family in need
  • Pray for people I don't know.
to be continued...

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