Sep 25, 2017

My open letter to Shelfies, a "Canadian" company.

I am sharing an email I wrote to this novelty company called Shelfies, based out of Toronto but one of the many people who ships everything from China. The quality of their products has tanked since I first purchased from them in January last year, and I'm so disappointed I thought I'd share my emails with you.

from:Kit LaTigre 
to:Shelfies Support 
date:Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 2:04 PM
subject:Re: Two shipments and two issues :-(
I'm going to attach pictures to make my case here. I had paid priority shipping for fast delivery and one of the products didn't arrive at all.
The Trudeau shirt was my biggest heartbreak,
I'm also attaching photos of the delivery dates.

I bought one a year ago and have worn it religiously during all international travel (10+ countries) and during political events and holidays, you name it.
The original shirt was a normal cotton fabric 

Order July 19. Shipped "august 3-6". Arrival time was much later than it should have been, it should have been shipped maximum July 30, arriving by august 3rd after the ship time... It also didn't arrive until September 18th. Way way late. 

Then there is the quality issue:

The shirt on the right is a year and a half old.
Not only is the colour faded in the new shirt but the fabric is crap! It doesn't stretch! It's like tent fabric! 

Different brand, too? And poorer quality! Not Canadian anymore? 💔

Left is the new one. Tight night polyester super uncomfortable on the boobs.

Poor quality control.

Fire these Chinese child slave workers and start producing in Canada, since this company is supposed to be Canadian...
Otherwise, what is the point of paying 30$ for a fucking t-shirt and 20$ for shipping in Canada from a so-called local company??? If the shirt is a 2$ piece of timbit poop from china? Shouldn't I be paying timbit poop prices instead of real maple syrup prices?

I'm very disappointed in this whole ordeal. I'm sorry,
I know whoever reading this isn't your fault. It's still sad for me as a customer who blew 100$ on crap that I thought I loved.
It was better last year :-(
Can I get a refund or a replacement shirt?
Or an email of the GIF image? :-P

Thanks for your time.

Sincerely, an apologetic and disappointed Canadian.

Kit la Tigre

On Thu, Sep 21, 2017 at 07:26 Shelfies Support <> wrote:
Hey Kit,

Thanks for reaching out - sorry to hear that your Shelfies did not work out. Please see out FAQ for more information regarding your product:

If you wish you can attach photos of your product and we can determine if it fits to be returned.

Thanks again!

On Mon, Sep 18 2017, at 06:21 PM, Kit LaTigre
Hi there.
I love the products I get from you but after this last order I don't know how I feel ...
My t-shirt I ordered is on a different fabric than the first one I bought a year earlier, it's non-stretchable meaning my boobs won't fit in it if I get my period.
The t-shirt also had a misprint. The armpits are white creases and the pattern is disrupted :\
The second issue is that one part of my order just arrived TODAY.
I had already asked about it because my order was SUPPOSED to have shipped in 3 days so I'd get in on time for my event in July, so I gave myself a couple of week. It's September, now. That's 2 months...
The dates on the products I ordered I checked for processing time to make sure they were in stock. I intentionally avoided things that would take weeks or that were not on hand.
What happened???
Also, what should I do about this t-shirt I can't wear? The size is great but it's fades, ugly, and is made from a non-stretching fabric unlike any t-shirt I've ever seen before :-/ makes better tent material...
Thanks in advance
A sad customer

Sep 15, 2017


I've noticed a trend with people over the age of 40, and I am beginning to suspect my irritation stems from being a xennial/millenial... growing up analogue but adulting digital, I have adapted easily into the smartphone age.

Let me share my rant with you. Please feel free to comment on this! I'd like to know others opinions (and age groups...)

WTF is with people calling randomly? If you're not a telemarketer, get with the times. Recognize that smartphones aren't just a way to touch base, but are used as personal computers by most of the modern population. Your unexpected phone call can disrupt a conversation, a meeting, an email, a heated "text", reading the newspaper, a meditation, listening to the radio, you name it, your unannounced phone call is probably interrupting it. Please don't call me unless you text me first EVEN IF IT'S IMPORTANT. I can read and answer text quicker than I can answer a disruptive call anyways! K THANX BYE ~Millenials & Xennials.

I'd like to also comment that this rant stems from the fact that we no longer use telephones strictly as telephones. If I had a desktop computer strictly for emails and business, a pager strictly for text messages, a landline strictly for calls, if dating was not virtual and only ever getting to know someone over coffee, if I got the new from a newspaper, and entertainment from a TV, my music from a walkman or the radio, and if I only got a chance to visit friends walking down the street or shopping at the supermarket, then by all means call away! But my cellphone has replaced ALL of these things, so it's not just calling me anymore. It's potentially interrupting all of these. I don't want people to get pissed off at me or this comment, but come to recognize that this is the current reality, and these aren't going away but will be progressing. Until I can turn off the phone portion of my cell without losing accessibility of my other tools, I'll continue to ask that people text instead of calling.

Jul 11, 2017

Los Angeles and Acting School?

I have been really throwing myself around lately, trying to figure out what to do with myself. Each birthday that passes it gets a little more shameful that I have no clue what direction to go, because I'm supposed to be all grown up now, right?

I have travelled the world and lost the inclination to be a responsible adult, growing my desire to learn and feed my curiosity.  I can't seem to sit still, but I know I have to.

I decided to finally push forward and book an audit in some acting classes at a school in LA, and really I was going there for a party but that was just the excuse...  I booked my flight, and contacted as many of my American friends as humanly possible to try and make it the most fulfilling 10 days possible... I was going to LA for 10 days and it was going to be AMAZING.

I have to admit, in that time, I did consume a lot of alcohol. I also learned that LA is just a really big Vancouver... full of wannabe artists/actors, people who really don't care who you are but they care who you know.  Flaky fuckers who can't seem to hold down plans, and cancel or ghost you on the regular.  In Vancouver, it's called "getting vancouver'd" but in LA, it's just normal.  You obviously don't have important enough celebrity friends to be able to make that lunch date.
It really doesn't matter who you are. Unless you are SOMEBODY. Or you KNOW someone... But that IMDb number had better be in the top 5000, or else "sorry I fell asleep" will be the most common response you hear!

I guess I really didn't have any expectations, but the shallowness of the people I encountered was mind boggling. I cannot stand people who start a conversation with "so, who ARE you? Or who do you know?" I try to ignore the nice ones who instinctively comment on "so I went for lunch with Mel Gibson the other day" knowing that they aren't name dropping and arrogant by nature, but simply because the Los Angeles culture forces them to be that way. I've never been the kind of girl who gushes in awe when someone drops a name... So I smile politely and say "that's nice" and try to get the conversation back onto the topic of lunch and their trip to Hawaii.

I can't help but silently tell myself "sheesh, if only they knew."  I subconsciously start counting how many people I have seen naked and wonder how many IMDb stars they'd be worth... shake my head and laugh to myself, knowing that the day I die and my journals are released to the public, man it sure will be a good story.  I reminisce on some of the good memories, some of the naughty ones.  And then I wonder once again how people can be so obsessed and insistent on letting you know how they're friends with the cousin of Nicolas Cage or they met someone one time at a lineup at starbucks... cuz really, who cares? How is that affecting you and I right now, in the moment we have?  I just want to enjoy a nice glass of prosecco and people watch, fantasize, and dream about the things I want to do this summer...

But this is LA. That's how it goes.  If I do end up going to school here, or spending any amount of time here, I sure will have to learn patience and to bite my tongue. I can imagine it would be relatively easy to be dragged down into the celeb gossip pool.  I guess I've never really been interested in the private lives of people I don't know (or don't care to know...)

Now I'm having those dreams. Those desperate housewife dreams.  Am I gonna end up like that?  I just wanted to learn the craft, and to tell a story... I have bigger and better things to do than boast about my car and jewels ... sigh ...
But you know, a sugar daddy WOULD be nice...

I had a blast in LA.  I did spend WAY too much time alone, and getting annoyed by Tinder men.  The speed in which men send dick pics in the USA is astounding compared to back home, where people usually have to be drunk to disgust/shock/sexually assault the eyes of strange young women.

So I'm going back to LA, you know. I already booked my flight.

I have no idea what I'm doing, and don't really know why.  But there is a light that is catching my eye and that fire burning in my soul, since I've already done the Vancouver thing, LA is the next best method of self-torture.  Why not!  Wish me luck...