Aug 31, 2014

YYC - MXP Italy again! [excerpt from my travel journal]

And my adventure begins again!
I've got my medication, thanks to Champix I have successfully quit smoking (week 1) and Doger has had all of his vaccines. I've packed my bags as best I can with as much as I could handle. I'm emotionally prepared to be gone for a ridiculous amount of time and I feel strangely calm. I'm not nervous or anxious. I'm ready to go.
I'm so excited and looking forward to the next year of excitement! Learn new things, create a new path for the future, love and romance, passion/lust perhaps? I have so many ideas but I know how life goes. I know there is a really good chance that it will all go to shit or be tossed up in the air, I know not to expect anything because when I make a plan, well, things change.
How does that quote go?
if you want to make God laugh, tell him YOUR plans...
It seems like each passing season brings about such drastic change. New ideas, opportunities, situations... My friends have guided and helped me, though they keep fading in and out and I really feel I cannot depend on anyone but myself.
Money, security, all that shit is something I just don't have. I feel the need to be truly prepared to do everything alone.
I am homeless with only my hopes and dreams. I'm uneducated (no, I never went to college.) with only my wits and wisdom. My family is distant in spirit and space, I'm free as long as I can be resourceful.
Who knows who I'll meet, where I'll go and what I"ll do... I have signed up for a 2 week Italian language course hoping to get my grammar and vocabulary up (I haven't progressed in years). The 400€ will eat up my monthly allotted budget, but I figure I will be focused on studying and working out so I will be preoccupied anyways.

I'm also looking into ESE (European School of Economics in Florence) for possible study. I have been looking at getting a degree so that I can find a decent bloody job!
Even if I can't do a full 3 year degree program I could take some courses and work "towards" a degree which would allow me to apply for a great and many jobs I couldn't otherwise. I would like to train in PR, (the degree here that appeals to me is in Business admin with specialization in media and communications) and get the skills to do major event planning. Maybe even make my way into Hollywood. I was told by a few of my new friends that I would be good in PR! I am pretty good with people. Anyways it's an idea.

SO the next 3 weeks in Italy will be looking at education, property, (just in case I actually get access to the funds to purchase), and maybe figure out what my life in Canada or anywhere else, for that matter, well, what direction it's going I suppose. Ah I have no idea anymore.
But really, did I ever have an idea?
If I go to Kenya in November, maybe I can keep Leda as my lucky talismen. (random gibberish about numerology, luck, totems etc...)

Fuck I need to meet a handsome rich Italian sugar daddy ha ha. Or get a job. Maybe I'll find a coach for my beach body program! Anyways times up, time for sleep.