Sep 21, 2014

I made it to Thailand!

BANGKOK! 30 degrees hot and humid... I made it!!!

I passed out the entire flight so I didn't write anything. I woke up hungover as shit... My friend came with me tom MCP and we ended up drinking a couple bottles of prosecco over dinner... I stayed at the Hotel della Pista again. I love that place! The place is family run, the son is very friendly as usual and the father sat there looking angry as usual. He always seems irritated! Anyways I rushed through the door, through customs, said goodbye.
I had tried asking the Italian customs office to sign a document for me saying that Doger's pet passport was in fact Italian, and that it was useable for travel to Italy. The guy looked at me, he kind of reminded me of a burnt out mediocre soccer player that had kids young and never made it and was bitter about it... He slurred some things in a dialect I'm not familiar with and said (offended/rude and in Italian) "what do you think this is? This is the customs office. Who the hell do you think you are? Get the hell out of here. This isn't work for customs." WOW. Could have been nicer about it, but holy shit. Can you spell ASSHOLE? I don't think he could. He was just a power happy jerk. Fucking dick. All I needed was a stamp/signature that would have taken him 2 seconds, (and yea it is Italian customs job to worry about import/export of things. Fuck.) and it would have made my life traveling out of Thailand back to Italy SO MUCH easier! Anyways, moving along...

I had a lifetime in Frankfurt, so I spend time buying CHEESE and snacks to take along to Thailand! Thankfully they survived. Cheese is hard to come by in Thailand... I always miss it. Doger, on the other hand, causing me trouble again! He can't be left alone, he keeps BARKING!!!! Anyways, coming into Thailand, FOR THE FIRST TIME I forgot to get my international health certificate stamped by the CFIA (it literally means nothing and costs 20$. The form is filled out by your vet with vaccine information and health check etc.) and the new guy looks and was like "what? no stamp? you must have this stamp!" and I'm thinking... The last time I came to Thailand, the guy was DRUNK, didn't give me the right paperwork, and was sleeping on his desk. He didn't even check anything.
Anyways, the young guy kept me there for a while as he called around to his peers, but took my pet passport I got in Sicily and let me go in. He wanted me to get a stamp from the Canadian embassy to make up for the missing stamp, then come back and I would get my document back. Motherfucker!

*I did call the embassy, and they said they WOULD NOT stamp my health certificate. At first they said they would maybe be able to get a notary to stamp, they tried to think of a way to help, but eventually the guy just said "you know what, we're the embassy. We help people, not animals. We can't help you. I'm sure you will figure something out." WTF? Seriously? I was not impressed... I did get this dealt with before leaving the country, but man I was disappointed in Canada at this point.

The hotel I am in is BEAUTIFUL but no one accepts bloody pets, and so I can't stay. Doger has to be muzzled and hidden as he has gotten into the habit of a) barking incessantly when I leave or b) barking when he hears voices, doors slamming or motorcycle engines. Either way, he barks and I get kicked out of a hotel. And probably fined. Fuck.

I have to find my way to the embassy to get help from them, buy my ticket to Chiang Mai on the train, and find something to do for the next month! I plan to book Kenya (confirm tickets/trip) soon. I desperately need a plan. I need to do something with myself, get my net worth up to 11 million, I need to make an income!!! I hate feeling so helpless. All the time I've been thinking about starting my life over again. My future is so uncertain I have to completely trust in fate and that the right things will happen and my life will fall into place as it should... It will take me 7-8 years to start over and get where I am now. I've lost the last 4 years to empty promises, rejection and failure. I'm watching the movie "House of Sand and Fog" and it's really depressing, holy shit. I hope I can study/exercise/find my path... Next adventure begins now.