Mar 9, 2011

Thailand is awesome!!!

I am so happy here in Thailand, and since I no longer use facebook I decided to put more effort into this blog of mine.
I think the most important part is to upload PHOTOS so here we go:

here we are in Koh Phi Phi (Bam and I)
VERY excited to arrive!
We took a shuttle through Patong to a ferry, total cost 400 Baht (I met someone who paid 300... you can never tell in this place.)

Koh Phi Phi (village) is like a mini tourist frenzy of dive/massage/trinket shops mixed with hotels and hostels.
A quick walk to a cluttered beach and a swim in the warmest water makes me a very happy Canadian!
250 Baht gets me a (few) hour tour of a couple remote places, snorkling & swimming and having a blast! Scary boat ride through a storm, though....
snorkling through a rocky bay is exhausting but thrilling!

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