Mar 12, 2011

Koh Phangan is better than Koh Phi Phi

I've been enjoying the gorgeous island of Koh Phangan and it's wonderful! Warm with random spots of downpour, but beautiful white sand beaches and my hotel has a private beach with the softest sand you can imagine. I love feeling the soft sand exfoliate my toes, like marshmallows squishing under my feet!
The hotel I am staying at is called Malibu and is located in Chalo Klum a small fisherman village on the north side... Bikes rent for 150 a day and there is a hiway built straight south connecting to the Thong Sala pier only 5 minutes rip on the bike :)
There are elephant treks and waterfalls everywhere, the mountainous island is spectacular just to drive around and enjoy the beauty.
It's so peaceful, the bigget annoyance are mosquitos and dogs...
There are so many cheap hotels and the island is small so with a bike you can stay virtually anywhere ... Take your pick after reading some reviews on travel advisor!

For stupid foreigners like myself hotels can cost a bundle. Next time I come here, I will look around at hotels instead of pre-booking for the length of my journey.
I overpaid by at least double!
Just remember, all hotels will want cash and will charge to use a credit card. If you aren't comfortable arriving without accommodation, or if you are planning to travel during full moon party time, then be sure to read some reviews before booking.
Not all rooms provide hot water or flush toilets, although most places will allow you to pay more for these amenities.
The island is small and can be traversed easily on a motorbike, which you can rent for as little as 100 baht per day.
Beaches are a plenty and you don't need to stay at a private beach, which you'll pay out the nose for.
Ask around, and you will find a better deal :-) never settle for what they ask!

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