Mar 2, 2011

Adventures in Bangkok

Wow I love Bangkok.
One of my favorite things in that city is MBK or Mahbookrong (shopping mall)
It's 6 stories of Asian shopping goodness! The food court is a cheap way to enjoy Thai food... only 2 or 3 dollars will score you a good meal :)
Just make sure to AVOID certain services (especially the spas)! And BARGAIN! Sticker price doesn't mean shit. If you're not Thai you're gonna get ripped off. (even after you bargain.)
Anyways, I'll leave it up to you to explore :)

DENTISTS. Are cheap in Thailand. I had a teeth cleaning & 4 fillings for a total of 4200 Baht (exchange rate is about 30.31 to the canadian dollar as of March 2011)
There is a great spot right beside the Ratchathewi skytrain station, close to 7-11. Also, right down the street a bit further are a couple cheap and great massage places :) enjoy if you like!
So I highly recommend Thai dental work to save some coin.

SOY COWBOY!!! FUN FUN FUN!!! A strip of go-go bars where you'll find a thousand lovely Thai ladies and a scattering of drunken punks & skulking distinguished gentlemen exploring the smattering of bars! There is always food & the occassional teddy bear or rose seller... and for ladies like myself there is a worn down lady boy also known as "Lady Gaga" who sells shoes & sexy dresses (for a decent rip off, unless you bring a bar lady to barter for you...)

I personally frequented Midnight bar and met some super friendly ladies :)

I should note: coyote dancers do not "bar fine" aka sleep with you for a fee... but the majority of dancers are availble for around 2000 Baht + listed bar price. If you paid 4000, you paid too much. But hey, tips are always nice :)

SKYTRAIN is a WONDERFUL thing! Takes you all around the city and CHEAP! If you want a cheap thrill and a cheap tour of BK, I recommend dropping 20 Baht for a round trip from one end of the city to the next... as long as you get off on your original stop, you can safely travel the stations for a couple of hours enjoying a great view of central Bangkok :)

Weekend markets & street stalls - a great place to find good deals, poorly made crap, awesome crap, and you'll get ripped off. Offer them about 1/10th of what they ask after making a face like you could not believe they just said that. Then work your way up to hopefully halfway (or less) before you hand over your change... and realize you just spent 1.50$ on the item you really wanted so it doesn't really matter anyways!!! Bartering is all in fun! Just keep a lower voice and never get angry. That is not the Thai way!

oh... of course... I forgot to mention the temples, china town, old city, history & art... but you can buy a guidebook for that.

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