Mar 2, 2011

Thailand, anyone?

So here I am, after too long keeping my nose down I finally made the leap and took a fantastical journey across the ocean once again :) God I adore solo travel!
It's been nearly a year since my last solo trip, and my last "real" adventure.
Aside from a short stint to Italia with my best friend, I've really been ACHING to see the world from my own eyes once again!

So I said GOODBYE CANADA and jetted off on my 1097$ ticket to Bangkok! Thanks, Air Canada!

I made it to the airport on time and checked into my YYC - YVR flight... only to arrive at the gate and see our A/C was 15 minutes late... 25 min late... and boarding... and then SNOWING... 30 minutes turned into 60 minutes as we sat on the tarmac waiting for aviation snow removal.
-32 degrees, I will NOT miss you!!!
So my YVR connection was long gone, and I was redirected to Air Canada's ticket agent. They weren't sure how to get me to BKK, but I begged and PLEADED to get me out of the country in time to use my upgrade certificate! (Which expired March 1st...)
AHOY! Tokyo! Let's get me on that plane... FIRST CLASS!! I didn't care that my flights were screwed up, I got a BED all the way to Tokyo!

My bags were put thru and I made it to Tokyo in time to board my 6.5 hour flight (in an aisle seat... oh well, beggars can't be choosers) with United to BKK.
Arriving early before midnight, I met with my shuttle to the Suvarnim Airport Hotel and checked in for a LONG HOT SHOWER and a beautiful clean bed :) zzzz and thus begins my adventure in Asia.

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