Mar 13, 2011


Rabbits: 120 baht.
Specific breeds from 300 baht
Cage, food, hay, mineral lick, brush, nail clippers, bed: 1400 baht
Discount for being loving faräng: 200 baht
Total cost of love: 44$ Canadian

Midnight is a bin rabbit from a Bangkok market, he was likely destined to be someones lunch, but Bam and I decided his life was worth living and in this year of the rabbit, Midnight became one lucky rabbit!!

Such a tiny beast has been easy to take around Thailand. Midnight has been grateful for his rescue and in turn gets fresh grass daily and I adore having him in my pouch! He rests easily in a fanny pack or small purse and everywhere I go he gets lots of love! "everyone loves midnight" is a common phrase for bam to say :-) and it's true!

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