Mar 13, 2011

Garbage on the beach?

It's sad to see so much filth in such a beautiful place. Koh Phi Phi has the most garbage on the beach from what I have seen.
The beach in Phi Phi village was small, and there was so much garbage I filled a plastic bag just from where I sat!
Lighters, empty bottles, straws, an empty can of sunscreen and even a t-shirt!!! I was so surprised to see a hundred fat lazy tourists sitting on their asses amongst the garbage and not even flinch! Filthy disgusting tourists ... I was ashamed to be one of them. I shook my head and took my bag of garbage off the beach, wondering why that was so difficult for the rest of them.
What's worse, you have to pay a 20 baht "clean up fee" upon arrival of Koh Phi Phi, I sure didn't notice the results of that!
So here is my message to you travellers in Thailand: pick up after yourself! Don't be a pig and show some respect! We have to live on this earth, after all. And if you have the heart, it wouldn't hurt to pick up a little extra along the way.
Garbage bins aren't easy to spot, but they are everywhere, just ask someone for a "bin".

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