Mar 15, 2011

When life hands you lemons, eat spicy Thai.

Oh my God why can't I learn my lesson? I am in love with spicy food but have been in gut wrenching agony for a week!!! Why is it so hard for me to skip the chilis?!? My god!
Well let me tell you not all Thai food is spicy, and not all Thai ppl are like me in their adoration for flames! My friend Bam has told me repeatedly that I'm crazy.

I am staying in a Thai home under the hospitality of Bam and her mother... It's hot most of the time due to a fan only enironment, but the cold water bathing alters that heated state in a flash!

The bath here is a small pedicure tub with a hose, and a bowl to dish out the cold water onto your head.

Now, MY idea of bathing was to sit in the tiny tub and douse myself, attempting to make the least amount of mess around the bathroom. Cramped and akward I managed to get myself clean but was uncertain as to where to dispose of the remaining soapy water...
The next day I talked to Bam about my experience. She couldn't stop laughing! Apparantly you are not actually supposed to sit in the tub!!!
That, my friend, is for babies.
Using the water tub is only meant to be a source of retrieving clean and fresh water and the floor getting wet doesn't really matter.
Sharing this story with her mother, I sat grinning as a silly faräng ignorant to the ways of washing... And the family had a good hard laugh. I worried that her mother would pee herself.... Perhaps as a parting gift I'll leave a photograph of myself in the tub.

Although clean, I am still suffering digestively from my obsession with spicy food... So today I've vowed to stop this madness and eat only bland foods! I have prayed to Bam's Buddha for forgiveness to my ignorance and promised to make my bravest attempt at survival if he would only grant me serenity in my bowls...
I had a meal of corn rice and medium spicy dishes last night... This morning I'm surprised to feel... Nothing! Maybe Bam's Buddha shows me mercy after all! Yoghurt and a bean filled bun for breakfast and I'll continue to avoid eating fire. Haha, I fell into a burning ring of fire! Well it burned burned burned, and I still sat thinking about my next meal...

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