Mar 13, 2011

Half moon party my ass

So they wanted 500 baht to get into the jungle half moon party, there is no way I'm paying a hotel room for a party when I don't even drink. Bah. So I ripped away on motorbike to enjoy an early night in (preceded by a 7-11 trip to pick up some bagged seaweed, sweet peanuts and 5 baht chocolate bars) and I guess that's the remarkable last night I spend in Koh Phangan. In spite of this minor disappointment, and the fact that my pjs magically disappeared when my room was cleaned (travel advisory: lady boy makes the beds at Malibu beach resort and will steal your clothing and jewelry - even cheap shit), I'm still genuinely happy with this island! It's gorgeous, smells good, peaceful, and stargazing off the back of a bike while doing 60 without a helmet, well, can't be beat.
So here I am. Back to Bangkok on an overnight 13 hour ferry/bus ride tomorrow, and I'm going to bed early! Pfft!

Next day: dragging myself out of bed to eat breakfast, and I could have saved myself 200 baht had I known better. The bananas aren't that good! Sheesh! I tried to shower but the water was so cold that I gasped for warm air and gave up. Fuck cold showers. My skin hates me and I'm breaking out because the day of sunscreen and sweat has been trapped in my pores from cold water bathing... But I'm leaving this overpriced thieving hotel so I can enjoy the rest of my day in Thong Sala :-)
Hoping to find a spot where I can safely leave my luggage, I have 4 hours to explore and have fun! Maybe, beach?
Definitely in need of a กาแฟเย่็น (iced delicious coffee) :-)

Yup, that's definitely gonna be the thing that packs on pounds for me! I guzzle at least one every day! Well, I suppose the spicy food compensates for that. Chili is a metabolism booster... And can have drastic affects on some peoples digestive system!
I enjoy at least 1 very spicy face burning dish daily.
I highly recommend spicy coconut soup with chicken! One thing you will notice is depending on the location, certain meats are more expensive in the same dish. If you want to save a few bucks, stick to what's local!
Nothing better than extreme heat in the extreme heat ;-)

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