Oct 19, 2007

More Ways To Entertain - Introducing World Of Warcraft

Well it seems I've found a new way to entertain myself, and I FINALLY HAVE THE INTERNET AT HOME!! Hooray! In fact, I have a wireless modem so that I can sit in the living room and watch TV at the same time as playing my online games.

So I bought a used copy of World Of Warcraft from EB games, only cost me 20$ and it comes with a free month.

Boy it's a big game, takes a lot of RAM and hard drive space.

I've created several characters already.

I've got my favorite one up to level 13... If any of you out there wish to play with me, leave a comment! I'll probably edit this post later and add all my characters and Realms I have already.

Time to get some quests done... Ciao!

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