Nov 15, 2007

52 things to do before you die

These are my own goals and dreams, but feel free to borrow some to fulfill your own desires.

1. Grab a flashlight and a bundle of string, sneak into the sewers underneath Rome and discover an ancient ruin that nobody except the rats have seen in a thousand years. Spend a weekend underneath Rome!
2. Learn to speak 5 different languages fluently and get a job as an interpreteur (but not for politics just for businesses)
3. Own a BMW
4. Watch 1000 movies
5. Travel around the world visiting every continent
6. Steal a penguin from Antarctica for a pet
7. Ride a horse across Canada
8. Shop in LA with a celebrity like Paris Hilton or Hilary (someone who's known for being good in fashion)
9. Stay in a penthouse suite in London, Paris, Milan or Rome and throw a huge A-list party (with a short guest list)
10. Spend a day with Robin Williams doing cartoon voices.
11. Get pilots license and fly celebrity charter jets
12. Appear in Maxim magazine (as World's sexiest pilot - see 11)
13. Own a petting zoo
14. Visit my sponsored children in Zimbabwe, India, and Brazil and supply their schools with books and pencils
15. Shave my entire body (at age 50 or older) and sell my hair for cancer
16. Star in a Coca-Cola commercial and belch louder than Penelope
17. Be the queen for a day, escorted through London with body guards and hang out with the Princes (must be wearing crown jewels, real or fake doesn't matter!)
18. Go to a red carpet event and appear in a tabloid as 'best dressed'
19. Become and Italian citizen, buy a small apartment in Liguria and open the first international Tim Hortons!
20. See an opera at the Sydney Opera house
21. Have an online fan club
22. Become a celebrity and donate 70% of my million dollar income to global warming recovery & hurricane rescue
23. Stay in the most expensive hotel in the world and have concierge do amazingly weird things like fill the jaccuzzi with jello, go shopping for a cocktail dress, find me a date to take me to dinner, throw a formal toga party for me with random guests and make them speak pig latin.
24. Dine at a gourmet restaurant wearing a high fashion dress (looking amazing of course) with a few friends, and have them serve dinner without any cutlery ha ha ha ha ha (Then start a food fight) OF course, down the meal with some Pol Rogers or Cristal!
25. Go scuba diving with my father somewhere exotic (He was a professional diver before the 6 kids, he has been all over the world but hasn't travelled in 20 years)
26. Send my mom and sister to a spa resort for a weekend
27. Pay off my mom's credit cards
28. Save 3 million $$ for my retirement! (In RRSP's, investments and property)
29. Have good credit
30. Live in a mini-palace built of stone, with thermal heating (no gas, eco-friendly, cheap and warm), have a dungeon in the basement used for sexual purposes with a torture bed and shelves of naughty things. Have tapestries, sculpted trim, high ceilings, secret passageways and a whole secret floor that I can hide in. EVEN a bomb shelter in the dungeon!
31. Have a British butler who's name I change every day or two. Eugene, Cadbury, Hubert, Buddy....
32. Become a saint. OR:
33. Win the Nobel Prize
34. Adopt a few grandparents and write down the stories of their lives
35. Fly a glider for a record length of time, getting a trophy and a pin!
36. Get a custom license plate, and airbrush a sexy cartoon on the sides of my truck
37. Get a BMW and put contraversial bumper stickers all over the back of it
38. Get a fake ID saying I'm 17 years old and go back to high school for a year becoming the coolest person there, having a huge clique and then a movie gets made about me. I get discovered at the end (of course) and it kind of seems like 'Never Been Kissed'
39. 'Appear' in a teen-movie film as one of the sexy evil high school girls wearing a little skirt and tall boots and moving in slow motion walking down the hallway
40. Own a gold bar or a HUGE uncut diamond.
41. Write a book based on my life, (made out of diaries just like 'Go ask Alice')
42. Win an award for my photography
43. Have a flight simulator in my palace (A real flight sim)
44. Fly a fighter jet, doing amazing things that make me almost puke OR faint.
45. Take a "round the world" cruise staying in a large suite.
46. Own a Diamond Star Kitana (airplane)
47. Get a nose job and a boob job. Shut up, I'm allowed to want it.
48. Drink at every Tim Hortons in Canada
49. Make a fortune on eBay
50. Live to be 147
51. Quit smoking
52. Die happy

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