Oct 2, 2007

British Colombia and the Life of the Semi-unEmployed.

Well here we are, aren't we!

I'm in Sparwood right now. I don't live here, but I am here for the time being. I never seem to be home anymore...

Home you say? And where is that now?

In the valley of the West Kootenays, lies a small city called Castlegar. Or, Castlebush as some say.
I have a very nice home located up a 4 Km driveway of gravel, that has been carved from compacted dirt. I can't wait until the snow comes...

My house in B.C.

Although it looks grand, don't be fooled! I reside in the basement suite of a marvelous B&B. You can see my entrance on the bottom left of the home. It's fairly well sized, about 1200 square feet and 3 bedrooms. One has been converted into a closet! I love it. Also has a DISHWASHER and a WASHER DRYER!!!!! Hooray! It's all carpet (um, little problem there as I am a slob) but the kitchen is enormous and perfect for my cooking experiments.

My neighbors are the elk, deer, and blackbears. I can wake up in the morning, go have a cigarette, and watch the chickadees flutter through the trees. I have a great view, too.

Obviously I'm not working in the boonies, how can I unless I feel like flipping burgers or making donuts? Who can buy a house on that wage?
I am quietly residing with all my beasties, and although it's quiet, I'm never home anyways.

My stuff just sort of sits there as I transit from Calgary to Kelowna to Vancouver and back again.

I scurry about, trying to make ends meet. It's especially tough since my Sydney excursion cost me somewhere around 20,000$. I'm definately in the hole on that one! What's worse is I have to save 4500$ to pay for a trip to Africa (oh me oh my) where I plan to be for my birthday!

My best friend and I will be travelling out to South Africa and Zimbabwe, following a couple of tourse and having a blast! It will be a great way to turn 25. My 1/4 century will be spent on the opposite continent to myself! The ends of the earth, where time freezes.... And 1/3 people have HIV. (And rape is apparant.)

It will be fun at least!

Anyhow, I'm going to run. I have games to play.

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  1. Anonymous9:44 PM

    Zimbabwe, are you NUTS?! Anyway it is thought in those African parts that AIDS can only be cured by sex with a virgin, so you should be mostly OK on that score...mostly.

    Jim R