Jul 10, 2007

Sydney is TOO COLD.

So here we are once again, it's been too long hasn't it?

It has been a while since I've been able to post - due to the lack of internet services I have in Sydney. Right now I'm at Starbucks, paying out my ass of course!

I tried hooking up the internet, don't get me wrong. But one thing I'm learning is that people here have efficiently destroyed any choices and options as to force you to take what you can get.

The modem cost me 179$ (special deal for me) and I opted for the self install, since I know how it works. Plug and Play, yea right.

40$ a month to start off, but they said I had to do a 1 year contract with a penalty of 15$/month left on the contract. No big deal I thought I'd be here a while. (which by the way, isn't true I plan to leave early in fact.)

More fun stuff, they have to MAIL the modem to me. Stupid, right? It's ok, I'll have it in 3 business days.

It took them a week to call me and say "we haven't sent your modem yet." They wanted to know if I had a credit card and a job. Now they'll send it - and 4 days later I finally get the modem THANK GOD I've been waiting so long!

I plug it in, and nope it's not working.

There is no internet connectivity coming to the modem. What the hell? I call, they say "oh it should be working, we've 'turned it on'" sure yea, right....

I go into the Telstra shop to find out WTF is going on.

So now, they say something must be wrong they have to change my "plan" to include a professional install. No, don't do that. I know how to install a fucking modem just tell me why there is no internet coming to my unit?

Oh, well, we can't understand why that would be happening. Unless, when they installed the cable (Foxtel) that person "accidentally" unplugged the cable for the internet connection.

Well, plug it back in!

oh, well, we have to CHANGE your plan again. You need to send back the modem, and then we'll send you a NEW one (what is the fucking point of that) and send a professional to install it. This will take at least another week.

Fuck you guys, that's bullshit, but OK I need the internet I'll so it.

Oh yea, it's going to cost you 499$.


Just for the internet?

Oh yea, and we'll have to redo your contract (more money out of my pocket.)


SO I try for the WiFi modem - no installation, instant access. Only 249$.... But the problem is, I have to wait for it in the mail again. Whatever, I say go for it and send me the new modem. I have to send the old one back anyways. Ugh. "Don't worry" they say, "You'll have it in 48 hours, promise!"
Once again, Telstra delivers.

9 days later, still no modem. I call the store and ask what happened... They said they'd find out and call me back.
They never called back.

I was fed up - stormed into the store, and said WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MY MODEM!!!!!!??????
Not quite as loud, however.
Oh, we're sorry, we need more information!
The same informatoin they asked me for when they didn't send my LAST modem on time. Why the fuck didn't they call me? "Oh, we don't know why, someone should have called." Great.

Now I'm thinkin - I've waited A MONTH for a modem, and was willing to pay but this is frikkin ridiculous.
I told them not to bother sending me the modem, and here I am once again using the internet at Starbucks.

Oh yea, it's provided by Telstra.

This post would have been up earlier but my internet time cut out (without warning) and redirected my page, making me lose everything I had written.

That's Sydney for you.


  1. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Strange, I finally switched to DSL($26/month) from dialup ($10/month)and the modem was free for the monthly charge. You Aussies must have a different view of the world.

    Why don't you get a dialup account as a backup? Sometimes less hastle than camping at Starbucks...

    Jim R

  2. Captain Kitty1:18 PM

    The problem with that is, the connection fee was the same no matter what modem you had.
    I don't care I'm not spending 300$ + on the internet.
    They also, did not have dial-up as an option. Most cities do not anymore (and why would anyone want it???)