Mar 6, 2007

Yes, I'm fine

I'm sleeping well, nothing since my last post so DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT.

Well, this post is going to be edited and as of March 20th I have had a couple weird things but no big deal.
Although these Night Terrors are very interesting, and some people need to hear about them for their own good and growth etc. SO I'll post more. THIS IS FOR IMFORMATION FOR OTHER PEOPLE WHO SUFFER NIGHT TERRORS

BUT I DON'T WANT ANY SYMPATHY. Don't pity me, I am one of THOUSANDS of Canadians that experiences night terrors, and if you aren't in the bed next to me please don't try to comfort me it makes me feel embarassed and akward.

"Here I thought I was doing SO well... After my initial post, I didn't have a single night terror! It was wonderful - I finally could sleep and wasn't scared. I knew it was my imagination and I was strong so I could control it. I mean, there's such thing as lucid dreaming, right? I can usually turn my nightmares around and wake up from them. Why can't I do the same with the visions that horrify me? I suppose I was wrong.2 nights ago I was just asleep maybe 45 minutes and I don't even know if I saw something, I was so uncertain... But the fear was there. That ULTIMATE terror, the horror of it all that made my heart turn to ice and stabbingly pound against my ribs. The spit dried up from my mouth and my throat clenched... My body JOLTED upright, eyes wide and staring into the darkness where I ABSOLUTELY WAS POSATIVE they were there.Ghosts? Evil looking group of 3 with fangs and horns. I leapt from my bed, because I took too long to get away I knew they were going to fly into my chest ripping my insides apart if I didn't escape, turning the light on wasn't enough I had to get away! I ran to the hall and locked my poor innocent boyfriend in the room with them while I composed myself, feeling instantly shamed that I left him there to deal with them.I turned the hall light on and stared into the door, realizing it was a night terror. I knew what was going on, it's not real. But the terror, that's real! THat feeling inside, the utter horror, that uncontrollable fear! I thought for a minute, composed myself, and the guilt probably helped me open the bedroom door and peeked inside. They were gone, I think... I don't know if my boyfriend said something to comfort me, I can't remember. But somehow I managed to convince myself I was ok, and I was able to get back to sleep. I have a feeling that when I found this forum, I realized that what was going on was real, and wasn't... and somehow telling other people what happened helped get it out of my system or something. That's why I'm telling you my story (again). I don't know if it's any relevance to anyone else, but I don't feel so scared and alone.I'm hoping for a good sleep tonight. Last night I dreamt of zombies, but I wasn't scared and I didn't wake up. Tonight I'm hoping for chocolate and flying or something.Good night"
"Oh dear... It happened again? And I thought I would be OK after posting!This was different than my usuals. I don't understand it at all... I didn't see anything come after me.Last night I went to bed at 3:30am and had to grab my stuffed animal I've had since I was a baby. He's so dusty it's hard to sleep with him, but I always hope that he will protect me. at 4:30 woke up because it was too dark. I lit a candle, and went back to bed. Then shortly after 5, I heard a clicking noise coming from my jewelry box next to my bed - one of those tall ones with lots of compartments, and doors on each side for necklaces. (It's doubling as a nightstand at the moment). There was a handle, or something on the side that looked like a snakes tongue. I think it was leather? Just about 2 inches long, forked, and it was flapping against the side. I stared for a bit, trying to figure out what the hell was going on.The it started flapping so hard the whole jewelry case was vibrating... like in a ghost movie everything was vibrating. Something inside was trying to get out, or something was telling me to open the side?I got out of bed and opened my eyes as wide as I could so I could see in the candlelight and tried grabbing the flap to pull it open, but I could grab it... Then I got really really scared. Something was wrong here.I had a strange feeling that the candle on top was summoning a ghost that was trapped in the box. I immediately blew out the candle and jumped for the light, and went back to see if I could tape the leather strap down so it wouldn't do that anymore, and it was gone. There is no handle on the side of my jewelry box.I was scared, but I moved the candle away from the jewelry box and re-lit it hoping that the candle would be far enough away as not to draw or summon this "ghost" that I feared would escape. I didn't manage to snap into reality, but I did go back to bed and my boyfriend came home from his nightshift at 5:30 so everything was alright again. I don't understand why when I got up I didn't "wake up" and realize what was happening? I didn't run out of the room either... This was the first time I tried to confront the situation."

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