Mar 20, 2007

Sydney, Australia

So I'm venturing out into a new world... That is the world of Down Under.

I'm leaving April 8th for Sydney, Australia. It's a 26.5 hour flight from Calgary/Vancouver 1 stop in HNL. (Gas maybe?)

I'm actually going there to apply for a job - well, to interview for a job. The pay is amazing, and I only doctored my resume a LITTLE bit... So we'll go there and see if I can pull it off! I'm very nervous and excited at the same time.

I can't wait to scuba dive... It's going to be AWESOME! I am not prepared in the least, but I have been "cleaning" amazingly... my house is still a sty but I will be working on it until my departure.

If all goes well, I shan't return!

News in Calgary? Nothing. Life is rather dull. I'm selling knives... Feeding my animals. My snake is eating again, thank you for caring :) he's doing amazingly. Feisty as ever, ate a couple of mice yesterday. My rat still bites. Does anyone want her? Free with a cage that the Degu's chewed to shit.

I also managed to get rid of my turtles, they are living happily in the Dovinian Gardens @ TD Square ;) and my house isn't stinky like usual!

My best friend is going to India in a week, she won't be seeing me off to Australia but I'll be back and in touch of course. I'll be sending LOTS of postcards, too! Everyone is getting one! It might take 8 years to be delivered because the kangaroos sometimes get them caught in their pouches, buried so deep they aren't found for ages. And they will smell like kangaroo sweat, but it will be fun to read when you get them.

I have been cooking a lot, and quite successfully with new recipes. I had seafood risotto for breakfast MMMMMM! *slurp*

I'm making crepes for breakfast... You see, I'm hosting a French Canadian guy from couchsurfing for a few days and I thought he'd appreciate it. He's the 2nd French Canadian I've hosted. I love couchsurfers. They are such fun! Here is a photo of a couple surfers I took to Banff a while back:

(Both are now living in Calgary for your information, because it ROCKS here.)

I had a great weekend in BC last weekend.
Actually I lied, it was aweful.

I got a speeding ticket on my way there. The weather turned to shit so I never got to go fishing (The 1 thing my heart was set on. My gear stayed in the back of the truck, and got rained on.) I didn't get a chance to watch Poseidon with my mom, she's been begging me since Xmas and I haven't watched it yet because I thought it would be special. The night I picked out, she watched TV and went to bed. I suspect one of my brothers of stealing 200$ from me as well - either that or I lost it. I finally headed home and wanted to take pictures with my BRAND NEW Olypmus Stylus 770 camera (7.1 megapixels, 5X zoom, 25 shooting modes, shake adjustment, stylish pink, weatherproof) and by the time I hit the road from chatting with my grandmother it was getting too dark for photos. So I said fuck it - and the camera fell out of my door in Creston at the A&W right before it closed. Never to be found again.

What an expensive and shitty weekend.

Here is a photo from a previous trip - one that didn't suck so much.

That is all.
Captain Kitty - Out.

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