Sep 21, 2006

Welcome to Italia!

Holy cow, talk about the best day in my whole entire life. I still agree with myself, Cinque Terre is the most beautiful place on earth!

I had a few bottles of wine the night before my flight, Sara the psysicist and I got into a heated debate about dark matter and dark energy that i can only recall a small flurry of. The next morning (well, 4 hours later) I was up and getting ready for my flight to Genova.
I pretty much passed out the whole way, and in spite of my run down condition I was grinning from ear to ear as I stepped off the plane into the heat!
I think I landed in Heaven.

Riccardo was at the airport to pick me up, and off toBonassolla. The roads were winding and my stomach was aching! I still couldnt helpt but taking in the view, GOD it was gorgeous.

Anyhow, after arriving in Bonassolla (fucking amazing) Riccardo and I settled on the beach for a tan.
There has been a few things going on but I am already bored of typing...
  • Eating at Ricky's Mamas ristorante
  • going out on a boat and snorkling
  • getting knocked over by vicious waves
  • not having hot water to shower
  • squeezing into the tiny tub
  • Visiting Riomaggiore for a real trip back in time
  • taking the train (il Treno)
  • dressing up to the nines and wearing the ugliest wig, AND fooling everyone!
  • pretending not to speak Italian when there is an "arrapato" about!
  • Speaking Italian and amazing everyone
  • eating Mozzarella that tastes like my brothers whipping cream dessert
  • Upgrading to a suite with so many goodies to take home like toothpaste and glasses cleaner
  • feeding a dog bread
  • seeing an enormous jellyfish!
  • waking up to Riccardo standing over me with my wig on
  • watching Italian TV and understanding some of it!
  • window shopping
  • REAL cappuccino!
  • seeing a tv star about the streets of Genova
  • taking lots of pictures!

Ok all, I really gotta run now!


Love U Annie! Call me soon!

Here are a few photos:

Going for dinner to Malvina's Ristorante

Boating in Bonassola

Wearing the Ugliest wig to a Bday Party in Genova

Riomaggiore :)

Soccer game in Genova

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