Sep 17, 2006

Hello London!

Well, I finally managed to get onto a computer. My host has another girl staying here and she LOVES to download. Viruses welcome! I havne't been able to load hotmail or anything... now after 2 hours of cleaning the hard drive I'm able to post a blog!

Anyhow, here I am.

I arrived at the hosts house later in the evening on Thursday after an overnight flight out of Calgary.

I hosted a party at the Maple Leaf (my favorite hotspot!) for couchsurfers (
anyhow, about 15 people showed up. A bunch of locals, and some people from all over the world including Canada!
I drank about a dozen Molson Canadian's and still managed to walk home (holy!) but did indeed stop for some last minute groceries of exotic UK junkfood to satisfy my hunger.

I haven't really done anything at all since I've been here aside from sleep!
I tried to see the crown jewels, but with all the kafuffle of the Underground I managed to barely make it 5 minutes to close and couldn't get there to see them.
Damn, just a little too late. I did hit up the souvenir shop for a teddy bear!
Also took a pic with the Tower of London behind me, even though I never made it inside.

Last night my fellow guest and I took an hour and a half bus ride (she's too cheap to take the tube) to the Thames festival, by the time we got there a lot of people shut down already but we did get some food, and I bought a little airplane made out of coke cans! Perfecto!
I took the train back around 930pm unable to tolerate a 2 hour bus ride. I got home in 10 minutes.

Anyhow, I've been enjoying tea and lounging quite a bit, this woman sure makes a mad cup of tea.

It feels so good to take a real vacation, finally!

I did however wake up at 830am. Apparantly, a crazy lady visits nearly every day. I have to tell her that Susan isn't home.

I'm cooking dinner tonight, but I might try to get off my ass and see some sights today. I mean, I've only got 2 more days to dick around, right?

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