Oct 13, 2006

Friday the 13th (Diary entry)

I am at a loss for words. For the past month I've had a life, how can I say goodbye so easily? To more friends than I've ever had, to more fun than I've ever had? It will not be an easy task, not at all.
When I go home to celebrate my birthday, I'll be lucky if 2 people show up. *revised Nov 16: 6 people will show up* Here, I know I could have at least 10 people plus guests! (Riccardo claims 40 at least.) I hate the life I've put myself into sometimes! (Work, work, money, spend, work more, travel, sleep... men. Ugh.) God, I wish I could live in ITALY! There is nothing better than feeling like you hace people you can count on! I'm feeling lonely already... :(
This place is wonderful. I will miss it so much.
Now I'm off to Riomaggiore to say goodbye, until the next opportunity.

*A few hours later*

Goodbye Rio~! That was easier than I thought! Ricky is home, he brought a turtle back from France to give his neice. It's adorable and huge... Awww! *Note: I purchased a baby 3-toed box turtle 2 days after I arrived home in Calgary.* He's ditched his American hooligan women for good, and I'm just a bundle of hyperactivity and stories.

God, what am I going to do for my birthday? Be alone?

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