May 3, 2005

Thank GOD for Satellite!

so here I am on the STAR PRINCESS, boating it across the atlantic ocean with my best friend in the world! We've been treated like princesses ever since we stepped foot onto the boat!

We also noticed a bit of an odd difference in ourselves vs. the other passengers; about 30 years, that is! We are pretty much the youngest people on board aside from a few newlyweds. We've been questioned already several times, "aren't you a bit young to be on this kind of cruise?" and "how old are you" more than once a day.the next most commun question: are you twins?NO! But hell, why not? we'll both be 22 and from the same mom and dad for the next 13 days. Who cares!

It's my vacation.

I've already gained about 50lbs, and yea, that sucks but hell shit happens!All we're doing is eating, and drinking champaign~

for me it's about 430pm, and every night we're putting our clocks forward by another hour, so sleep has been kind of messed up. We're either sleeping in, all day, or not enough! And then we're tired at the weirdest times. At least that's the worst of it- no seasickness, the water is calm and there's nothing to complain about.

Except that everyone is so slow, it's a pain in the neck to take the stairs!

Ha ha ha ha...

I'm so lucky. Every day Annie and I spend about 3+ hours sitting on our balcony, thanking God for this lucky break, and saying to eachother how happy we are. I just want to lay down and fall asleep under the stars, too bad there haven't been any breaking through the overcast night skies.
At least its' sunny from 8am-2pm!I'm going to go back to the room before Annie wonders what happened to me, plus I have to get ready for a formal dinner party tonight. I'm going to look so good...

Here's to the beginning of a new adventure, and to the luckiest girls in the world! We must have done SOMETHING right!

XOX miss you all Kitty

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