May 7, 2005

You've GOT to be kidding...

so yea, here we go again.

Today we made it to Azores (Portugual) and we arrived early at 10:41 am, unfortunately it didn't really matter because the 7.5-12 foot waves and excessive wind stopped us from being able to head into port. They barely made it to us to let us know they closed the port! UGH

That means WE have been @ sea for a week straight, AND we'll not see land until the 10th (GOD PLEASE LET THIS WEATHER CALM!)

There are people outside this library right now playing titanic music, it's creeping the hell out of me. The boat is creaking and rocking, you can feel the floor shudder as we hit the swells in the ocean. We had to turn around when we got to the island, and the whole boat was at a 20 degree angle, things were falling and i could see the water directly in front of my balcony (AH!) This really sucks! Just so you know, if I die, I love you (family) and I love my friends, Take care of my animals and my will is written in one of my journals.

Annie and I slept all day yesterday-the jet lag" caught up to us. I'm so far ahead of you guys its not even funny! Like, 7 hours? So anyhow, I slept on the balcony again last night, it was wonderful. Even though the weather was bad, it was about 18'C and I was cuddled up in blankets, with the wind blowing my hair into my face and the sea water splashing up the side drenching my blankets and salting my lips I was still happy. But it was kinda scary-
This boat won't stop creaking! AK!

Tonight we're eating curry (there is an indian chef onboard how sweet is that) but not until later. I'm pretty tired, maybe I'll take a nap since we were up so damn early anyways!

Sigh. I want to get onto solid ground... there is only so much you can do on a boat full of seniors before you start to get bored! Annie and I have a few things in mind that we would like to do, but in the meantime, yea.I'm going to read. I've already written everyone a letter... there really isn't much else to do!


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