Feb 15, 2005

Mexico Day 7

So today is my last day here, (tuesday) before I leave. I had a great and fun filled week...

I booked a massage today to ease the pain that still lingers in my groin (bloody horses trotting ugh) and had a full body, soft swedish massage with aromatherapy and soft music. This is the shitty part- It was a girl, and the only part of my body she didn't massage was, YOU GUESSED IT! The part that hurt the worst. My inner theighs. Why didn't I get a lesbian?

I spent all day in the sun, trying to even my tan lines, and saying goodbye to the 30 degree weather that I was just getting used to.

Met a couple (Andrea and Cedrik) who I followed into PV, we hit some pubs, and followed an actual pub crawl from bar to bar, hoards of canadians in white T shirts getting hammered... Was interesting!

After a long night that went by too fast, I said goodbye to Night Mexico.

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