Jul 19, 2016

Traveling on a shoestring, and with a tiny carry on suitcase...

SO I just got back from my 2 months around the world, once again, haha...  I had a great time. It was a desperately needed and very healing trip.  Altogether it cost me roughly 1000$.  I went to 5 countries, and was drunk pretty much the entire time.

I'd like to tell you how I did it!  #1: my plane ticket to Italy was a changed return portion from last year that I needed to use by June, I paid roughly 100$ for the change fee.  So there was that.
When I am in Italy I stay with friends. So no accommodation fees, just train tickets and food. My groceries for every 10 days cost roughly 35 Euro.  Yes, food is cheap!  Prosecco (my favourite drink) is 3 Euro per glass, and I can drink about 5 and I'm wasted.  That's 15 Euro for every drunk night.

TIP #1 - BE A REASONABLY ATTRACTIVE FEMALE.  This will help cover the cost of drinks and other bad habits like smoking or drugs (I don't do drugs myself, but just sayin).  This sounds bias and shitty, but it's the truth. Men are generally horny and think they can have sex with you if they impress you with things like alcohol and food.  This is sometimes the end result, just, be safe and have fun!

When I was in Italy I discovered a NEW AIRLINE (well, not that new, but I just found it.) It is a BUDGET CHARTER airline similar to Ryanair or Easyjet. These are European airlines that cost pretty much fuck all, and with enough time in advance and flexible days, you can ACTUALLY BUY SEATS LESS THAN 15$ CANADIAN.  HOLY SHIT. New airline is called WIZZ AIR.  It's an eastern european airline that has over 400 planes in their fleet and 65 destinations! HOW COOL IS THAT????
I booked a flight from Milan to Budapest for 14 Euro INCLUDING CARRY ON FEE.


Now this is something you must note: THESE AIRLINES MAKE MONEY FROM EXTRAS. There is NO FOOD OR WATER on these flights. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED ANY MORE THAN A HANDBAG/SMALL PURSE without paying fees. Backpacks and briefcases YOU WILL BE CHARGED. You need to book AHEAD if you don't want to pay out your ass. Every little thing costs.  BUT with planning ahead, like me, you can fly around the world for fuck all!
Budapest, Hungary, is cheap as fuck btw. I only stayed overnight, but I had a blast.

Then I flew to Kiev, Ukraine. I paid 33 Euro (including baggage fee).  I had no idea, but the Ukraine is CHEAPER THAN THAILAND. I know, right? Public transit is like 25 cents. Smokes are a DOLLAR. Everything is sooooo cheap! Taxis even! Food of course... and it's a FUN CITY. Oh yea, for those of you who are wondering, NO THERE IS NOT A WAR GOING ON IN KIEV. Jesus middle aged christ stop believing everything you see/hear, especially if it comes from the USA.
Kiev is a lot of fun, there is like NO CRIME there, and the people are attractive and desperate for foreign VISA's so it's kind of a good place to get laid or married (haha) your welcome for that info.

My accommodations for these two destinations, I used couchsurfing.com this is a community of hosts and travellers that uses a reference system for safety, where you can travel and stay FREE with a local. I love doing this because you really see a lot. JUST BE WARY IF YOU ARE FEMALE as guys tend to use this as a dating site, and if you are a single female, men WILL approach you and offer to "share their bed." Always check for the home that you have a PRIVATE PLACE TO SLEEP unless you don't mind heavy flirtation and most probably sexual contact. Use the reference system, too! The more, the better!


From Kiev I flew to Seoul, Korea. This flight was FREE.

Tip #2: REFER TO TIP #1.  then use this website: www.travelgirls.com or www.misstravel.com
These are websites where horny single men look for hot girls to go traveling with them. It's usually just flights and expenses paid, but the sexier and sluttier you are, the more free stuff you get. Maybe even cold hard cash.  Use your own discretion for this, as there is no system in place to keep you safe from bad dudes.

I spent a few days hanging out with some good looking Italian men and had A LOT OF FUN and lots of booze.

Now, Korea, is fucking expensive. Thankfully I had saved a lot of money in my previous locations because well, I didn't spend it, so I had about 100$ I could squander on my time in Seoul.

I referred again to Couchsurfing. I had a bit of a bad experience, in spite of my host having a large home and I had my own space, he didn't respect the DO NOT KISS ME OR TOUCH ME rule I kept putting down, until things escalated and yea I had to use brute force (I slapped him.)
Again, use the reference system. I was dumb and stayed with someone who had no references. My bad.  Oh well, shit happens.

Also I was informed that in Korea, the men use this site to prey on women and have sex. SOOOO maybe spring for a love hotel, they average about 50$ a night.  I didn't eat much because I had no money, but a few nights out and 7-11 as a food supply, I survived.

I then flew back home to Canada on points.  Cost? FREE :D

TIP #3 - ALWAYS USE YOUR POINTS CARD. If you don't have a credit card, then GET ONE NOW. And if you have one, make sure it's a points accumulating card. ALWAYS USE IT. Always.  Use your card to pay for every tiny little thing! Pay for your groceries, your bills, your gas, your car, flights, etc EVERYTHING.  Because the average person spends 50k a year, well, you're spending ALL YOUR MONEY (probably) why not get fuckin points for it?
I never carry cash. I put 100% of my money on my VISA or American Express card, and pay for literally everything with that.  I spend between 20-50k a year, getting me MINIMUM that many points, but when you combine your points VISA card with deals that you have, promotions, partners, etc, you get double or SOMETIMES TRIPLE the points! I can save nearly 100k points in 2 years, that's almost enough to FLY AROUND THE WORLD BUSINESS CLASS (which I did in 2014).

I also did all this with nothing but a carry on!
I packed a few interchangeable outfits, ONE pair of shoes, a tiny thing of makeup, a book, and my computer & chargers.

TIP #4 - have short hair. You'll save a fuck ton of space and money on shampoo and conditioner. Hell, shave your head bald if you can. Then just use hotel soaps and shampoos, and if you must carry your own, buy the tiny little ones!

NOTHING is better than being able to walk off a plane in a new country and literally carry your shit with you, and walk out the door. Fuck waiting for bags, man!

ANYWAYS, That is all I have for you, for now. Hope it helps!