Jul 5, 2016

I've written MY goals for MYSELF... Now let's see what I can do for others...

I have already listed a bunch of things I want to achieve, but really there is a lot I want to give to others. I have a lot to accomplish this summer so I'm gonna write it all down. MANIFESTING: GO!

  1. Pay my mechanic 2500$ for my transmission
  2. Pay my sister 2000$ that I owe her
  3. Give my best friend a birthday present she can use
  4. Pay for a vacation (1-2 weeks) for my mom and dad before he gets too sick to travel
  5. Save money for a wedding present for my best friend (cash only!)
  6. Give money to the people who took care of my dog in Vancouver
  7. Pay my friend 700$ for fixing my rusted out valve in Vancouver
  8. Pay for my mom to redo the '25-year-old stench of pet and babies' carpets
  9. Save money for GISHWHES so I can donate/create/give
  10. Buy an iPhone for an old friend
  11. Pay for WoW expansion for a best friend
  12. Give money to my Thai family
  13. Buy an Apple TV with karaoke subscription for my Thai mom's karaoke restaurant
  14. Send Xmas stockings to single friends around the globe
  15. 5000$ to rebuild a public school in Kenya
  16. 10,000$ to start a scholarship for innovative children worldwide
Well, that's a start. Phew, lots of cash I'm gonna have to manifest for this one! But it's coming... It's coming soon! Wish me luck.  Any ideas of other things I can do? Let me know!