Feb 16, 2015

Feb 16 2015

happy belated Valentines day everyone!  Hope you all had an awesome weekend. I know I did. I think I did… I was pretty hammered for the most part. To be perfectly honest, I could have very well had a shitty weekend. But I wouldn’t be able to tell you.  It was wine’s fault.

ANYWAYS…  I flew to Vancouver for the weekend, went out and spent a day in Whistler. It was my first time ever going there, to be honest, I thought Whistler was a ski hill. I didn’t realize it was an actual town with a shit ton of amazing restaurants!  I ate at one called Axira or Aricaxi something like that, and holy SHIT it was fucking awesome!  They had an oyster bar, and CAVIAR OMG… I had to do it. I fucking love caviar.  59$ got a 10g tin, which was enough to enjoy a few mouthfuls of delightful salty sturgeon babies! I went for the Divine, the local BC farmed sturgeon caviar.  The eggs were bigger than the european kind, but had a good flavour.  Served with all the usual accoutrements, I died and went to heaven for a brief moment.  It’s a good thing I was dressed properly because I could have cut glass with my nipples.  Mmmm.  I truly am a foodie…
Anyhow, that was just the beginning.  The entire meal was AMAZEBALLS and the service was spectacular. I already wrote a glowing review and posted on Urbanspoon and Yelp, along with photos of the food.. 

I didn’t do any shopping in Vancouver, but I drank a LOT of red wine. I’m getting used to it… sure is a big change from my old “martini rossi asti spumante” days! I chugged a bottle of that in 30 seconds. I wonder if I could do it again… 

I stayed at the Ramada downtown on Pender, cheap rooms but SUPER comfy and great location.  I recommend it for sure!
I visited my brother in Burnaby, wandered the Metrotown mall. It’s enormous, second only to the famous West Edmonton Mall, and there’s a lot to do. I left with a 6 pack of cupcakes from a place near the main entrance (by the Timmy’s) 18$ seems like a lot for cupcakes, but then when you actually eat them, holy shit. My favourite was definitely the honey with cream cheese icing. MMM. tasted like and topped with a teddy graham…

I got to visit with a friend of mine who was auditioning for a creepy role as a convicted pedophile, so we drank a few bottles of wine and I read lines so he could prepare for his audition. It was fucking AWESOME I had a blast and though I don’t remember going to bed, I remember having a great time.

I am strongly considering spending more time in Vancouver, the only thing that makes me hesitate is the fact that a huge earthquake is due and property prices are bloody insane.  Renting a mediocre place in Van costs about 2000$, and there isn’t that much WORK so … In any case I do enjoy my time spent in Vancouver, I think I will spend lots of time there over the summer.

I have a month left in Canada. I need to get Doger’s paperwork sorted out, a rabies titer test for hopefully less than 450$, and a couple more trips to enjoy before I go off to Thailand and Italy.  I gotta ship another box there…  
My noticeable weight gain has gotten me from a 24 to a 27 (jeans) and I’m pretty sure that what I have waiting for me in Italia isn’t gonna fit.
Though I have been quite successful with my beach body, I haven’t been eating properly and the amount of alcohol Im drinking is really effecting me.  I have to quit… sigh.  I don’t really want to but it’s necessary.
I know that I will never be able to have my 20 year old body again, but I would sure like to try and knock off at least 15lbs.

One of the ideas I have is to head to Koh Samui’s Spa Resort, a detox and raw food resort where you get double colonics daily and smoothies and juices.  It’s extremely cleansing and you feel great afterwards. I’ll go there for a week or two before I go in public with swimwear, and I’ll feel a lot better.
Gotta stop putting crap in my body (says the girl who has A&W for hangover breakfast.  how many calories is in 3 bottles of wine, anyways?)

Anyhow back to small town BC I go, to visit my mom and try and eBay a few pairs of shoes. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by, it’s mid Feb already, ONE MORE MONTH THAT IS IT …  shit.  I am pretty lucky though, winter has been really mild for the most part. Looking outside to the mountains now, I don’t even see SNOW on the caps. Ah, climate change is lovely.  I prefer the heat anyways. I just hope all the fish in the ocean don’t die, after all…

Anyways enough blabbering. I’m going to sleep for the next hour, I have to drive myself home… so hungover. LOL. Damn.  Fucking alcoholics.