Sep 4, 2013

Worst flight of my life.

I was very happy to check in with ease to my air Canada flight direct to Frankfurt in spite of the fact that I had 3 overweight bags! I was told I was allowed 32 kg each, although two were sitting at 32.8 and 32.4, I rebalanced them with my third and smiled that my dog had no issues. I didn't even look at my ticket until boarding, and I realized I was in a MIDDLE MIDDLE MIDDLE seat. I go NUTS if I am not near a window, I always choose window seats, how the hell did this happen?!!?
What's worse, I was stuck beside a fucking baby. A loud and flailing baby. For 9 hours. When the baby wasn't pissing me off, the ignorant non-English speaking mom from Dehli was kicking me, making noise, sticking her fucking disgusting feet in my face, and asking me to watch her baby. At one point this chick had the audacity to start painting her fucking nails! Holy shit! You think 300 people want to suffocate for 4 hours when you've already managed to have one guy give up the seat beside you and you're already pissing off the entire plane?
Why the hell do the let people with babies sit anywhere? They should all be in the very very back. Far away. Behind soundproof walls.
I could not sleep.
I was cramped between 2 guys (until the one beside mommy left) so I couldn't lean, and when the smart one vacated the scene the mom sprawled out over two seats and allowed the stupid child to flail and throw itself all over the place, either she was kicking me with her gross bare feet, or the child was bumping or hitting me.
I almost punched them both in the face.
Things like this make me very close to racist.
I couldn't even say anything. The flight attendants tried to explain how to deal with her child during the flight, but somehow she didn't understand anything. I assume she was in Calgary for an arranged marriage and why the hell there was this baby and mom but no daddy I don't know but it really made my trip HELL. Also, I found out another thing I HATE the smell of. Babies. It's going to take days to shake this off...

I'm so insanely angry, I don't know what to do... I know air Canada will only tell me there is nothing they can do about that, babies are... Like, I dunno, the elephant in the room. Everybody can see it and is uncomfortable but doesn't admit it.

Next time I will be less polite.

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