Jul 15, 2012

Thank God Stampede is Over! YYC back to normal?

And enter THE RAIN... after a sweltering hot week in Cow Town, and of course the biggest Stampede EVER (happy 100th!) we had an estimated 1 million new people in town increasing the pollution by literally DOUBLE.  The smog in the city was ludacris, I couldn't see downtown most afternoons as we had still breezes and too much traffic.  Calgary doesn't look good in brown.

I'm happy to say I managed to avoid Stampede once again, even though I was stuck at home this entire week!

So now I am hoping life returns to normal and I don't need to shy away from the streets ... no drunken cowboy sluts bombarding the roads, no country music in every single bar/lounge/store...  no hay in my buttcrack from sitting on a makeshift chair just because it's Stampede.

I think I'll celebrate by playing World of Warcraft.