Jul 5, 2012

Teaching ESL - English as a Second Language

Well I am now teaching pretty much full time ESL.  I posted an ad on Kijiji to teach English privately and I have a pretty good rate.  With the training I underwent in Florence, I'd say that I have better certification than most of the people who train locally!

I spend 60-90 minutes conducting an interview where I ask the student 60 questions in order to determine the level of English, where they need to focus on and what they need to learn.  Then I write a data analysis of the interview, followed by a proposal where I prepare a 20 lesson syllabus for the student.

I have done interviews via Skype, which is effective for people who want to focus on Listening and Speaking skills. The writing portion of the interview is much simpler, as I can determine the majority of mistakes via the verbal interview.  It's likely that even if the student knows what his mistakes are on paper, if he's saying it incorrectly I'll have them review it both orally and written as well.

So starting Monday I'll have 5 students and over 40 hours of week of teaching time + lesson planning.   Thankfully I'm creative and haven't any other responsibilities to worry about!

Know anyone who wants to learn English?  Send them my way!  I'll be able to take on new students at the end of August.
I can also teach on Skype.  25$ per lesson.