Mar 21, 2011

Visit with my papa

I was fortunate enough to have a weekend with my papa in Beijing and Tanggu ... Although my time was short it was the purpose of my whole vacation and it was wonderful to be able to spend some quality, 1 on 1 time together. We talked about life, love, family, china, money, travel and of course, indigestion. The conversations were varied, often carrying an arguementative tone to them, but all in good hearted Tomlinson family discussion! I felt especially close with my father. After the sudden loss of my Oma I feel our family will draw closer... And the overseas visit is special. I miss my family sometimes. Not having lived at home for 10 years keeps me somewhat distant and I hope to lessen the distance between me and my siblings, and especially keep my parents close. I love my family and for them I am grateful. Now I have some time alone in china to enjoy the fresh air and great deals! (note the sarcasm)
Goodbye for now, papa. I love you even though sometimes your public explanations can embarass me (and the Ho's in the hoilet!) Thank you for my fear (my survival instinct) and my sense of humour, for teaching us how to love unconditionally and how to never lose an argument. See you in the summer!

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