Mar 23, 2011

Can't wait to go home!

I am so ready for home! It's too cold... The dryness of the air is killing my skin, and it's not easy finding moisturizer without bleach!!! The pollution stings my eyes, and it's too cold to enjoy the outdoors (all the tourist sights are outside) It's been a long and exciting journey, but I hate my Frommers guide. The bloody thing is so poorly laid out the maps are virtually useless and the whole thing is mislabelled so badly I've been lost & confused from it more than once!! How can the brand new 2011 guide have so many mistakes? Ha! Shop names and coffee shops with the wrong names, streets nicknamed without explanation, wrong train stops on maps!!! Last time I buy a frommers. I'll stick to my DK eyewitness guides. They are spectacular! It's alright taking the subway (dtn) at night. Not quite the sardine can as the daytime. I was so trapped I couldn't lift my arms! Wow. I couldn't handle living in such a crowded city without some serious incentive! Last year I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to china with my mom & dad. I'll be sure to add a backdated posting (feb 2010) with all the tourist information! In the meantime, I'm counting down the hours til I get to the BJ airport!
The sun has peeked through the past several days and yet the cold refuses to dissipate! This does not stop the Chinese from touring, though! No matter what day of the week it is, I cannot find a quiet place. 10x more crowded than last year, the subway is expanding rapidly and the locals are taking advantage of this! The trains are average wall to wall full of people ... Day or night, no matter where or when! It's quite tiring to fight through the crowds. I'm ready to to back to unpopulated Canada now :-) thank u! I am glad I had a good trip last year, and glad to have a short trip this year! I don't need anything at all from china. Just my sanity and my lungs, which I hope to find when I get home! I'll miss my hot pot soup, though! Xiabu Xiabu! :-)

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