Jan 15, 2011

My babies

I picked up Jake at a petland in 2004. Only 150$ and hemwas tiny! The most adorable creature :-)
He grew slowly but reached a good size in about 3 years. It took him 6 years to grow full size, and now he rests at just about 7 feet.
An average red tailed boa constrictor can reach 8-12 feet in adulthood however Jake was stunted due to a sever respiratory infection in 2007.
For the record: do not keep snakes in a concerted basement without a tank stand! Floors get cold, even carpeted.

Spur joined my family in 2007 as a small bunny from petland. 50$ later I took home my cuddle bunny!
She is an english spot x mini lop. A total fluff ball with a little bit of an attitude!
She litter trained immediately and although she knows her name, she's more likely to ignore you without motive (aka treats).
She loves dead leaves over fresh grass, and bananas are her fav fruit treat.
She doesn't like carrots.
I had to take her to Nelson to get spayed, as Calgary vets treat rabbits as "exotics" and charge 350$!!!
She healed very fast and I've had no issues.

Buddy the savannah monitor was next to join my family.
Being roughly his 3rd owner, I estimated his age at 2-3 years. 2 broken toes and one missing, he is extremely docile and lives off the San Diego Zoo recommended diet of ground turkey, crushed centrum vitamins and bone meal/ calcium.
He gets a few super worms as a weekly treat.
Ideal habitat includes: dirt for digging, high heat, high humidity and of course sunning area!
These beautiful beasts can reach 4 feet in length and require a space large enough to turn around in.

Sand the adoptee:
Approx. 3 years old, I picked up this cutie from the Calgary humane society. Only 45$ and they neuter your pets free!
He is very loving but an over eater probably from being outside for who knows how long. Took me 3 months to bond him and Spur. Want to know how I did it?
I put them both in a small carrier, no room to fight. Immediately put them in my truck and went for a drive. The movement forced them to sit tight whether they liked it or not!
After about 30-45 minutes of driving, I let both bunnies out in my girlfriends small bathroom. A foreign place, the two rattled bunnies cuddled up together and waited ... By the time I left they were best of friends.

The newest addition to my family has got to be "lil bitch" the baby savannah ... She is feisty and not yet tamed, but I'm working on her! Thankfully she is still small so her bites don't mutilate me yet.
She's slowly getting used to hands, but still is quite edgy. I believe it will take 6 weeks of daily handling before she tames.

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