Mar 28, 2008

Busy as a Bee

Oh here we go again my life story...

Back in Calgary. I have been goofing off for over a month, after a long (extended) trip to Italy, I have to get back to work.
I've been making calls to all the people I owe money to (for the most part) and trying to reduce the stress of a frivolous spender (myself)...
I was watching the show "Till debt do us part" which is a reality show where a woman comes into married couples lives, and helps them get on track financially.

Some of the things I learn are wonderful to know, including the "hassle your creditors to lower intrest rate, or threaten bankrupcy" trick. So I called my visa, whom I owe 20,000$ to, and tried to negotiate. I explained how I just DON'T Have the ability to make huge payments right now, and all of my money is getting lost to intrest. Please lower my intrest rates. Thank you.

Not a chance.

I guess because I have a points credit card, the intrest rates are NON NEGOTIABLE which I can't do anything about.SO I'm stuck with 400$ a month going to intrest... If I don't catch up soon (ugh)

On top of that, I text message too often and didnt' realize that my Italian cellphone was charging me 99 cents per outgoing text. My weekend in Zurich? 2.49 a minute!!! This is CANADIAN DOLLARS people! We're talking HUGE money (ha ha that was a joke on the US exchange rate. No offense, but it's great for me.) Anyways, my bill came to oh, 597$ and change?
I had to call them and explain I don't have any money, and to please not take the chunk off my already maxed credit card!!!!!!! Ok they said. I have 2 weeks to come up with it instead. Fuck.

Anyways, that's money problems. I'll get over it. I just have to work a month straight with no weekends before I can afford to buy a frikkin doughnut. I guess I don't need the fat boiled sugar in my system anyhow...

On with other things: My plans to move to Italy leave me with an immediate need to spring clean. I have SO MUCH CRAP in my house! That, and my pets.... I have 2 degus that decided to give birth when I was away, leaving me with 7 babies to get rid of yikes! Adorable little creatures, I gave them to the local pet store and NO PROBLEMS I even suckered a nice couple into taking the parents! All I have to do now is get rid of my snakes, and my fish. Then I'm home free.
Then, closet cleaning.... ugh... Then, more junk. I have about 2 bedrooms full of crap. Junk. Collections I've started and never continued with.
Teddy bears, spoons, pins, rocks, stickers, scrapbooking, trinkets, sculptures, books, cameras, photographs, electronics, random useless items.... All has to go.
(But I'm keeping my GUCCI.)

So although I may seem on and off, I really am around. I wish I could just talk to everyone on the phone while I'm running around the house like a chicken with my head cut off, because typing means I have to sit down and I can't multitask around the house :S darnit!!!

Ok, that's my story. I'm here if you need me, just give me a shout.

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