Feb 10, 2008

Why haven't I taken the time to update it?

Well well well... hello again.
I know, I have been posting a bunch of random crap and you just want me to tell you about all of my cool adventures! Like, how was Africa, and the Caribbean?
Well, I will be posting those when I have the time to sit down and do it, and when I do post them they will be backdated to when I was actually there.
Dont' worry someday I will catch up.
I haven't been maintaining my journal, either. It's kind of sad too, because I know at the time that anything I don't write down will fade away and be lost forever, like it never happened... I'm carelessly tossing my own precious life and memories out the window.
Ok, here I am now telling you stories.
I'm in Vancouver, I'm trying to work my butt off to pay my AMEX which hasn't been done yet... for like 3 months... I know, my poor credit. What can I do.
I'm very close to finishing it off, and cutting it up. Hopefully monday. 10k down, 20k to go.
Next will be my Visa. It's pretty much maxed right now as we all know, but I don't think it will be forever.
It's just been a struggle with my vacationing, then the holidays, not working ugh.... But it's all ok for now.
I just don't have any playing around money LOL!

My family is ok as far as I know.
I'm doing just fine.
My pets are mediocre.
I'm down a few.
My tortoise died when I was gone for a long period... He died of dehydration. My parents didn't get up to the house enough when I was off in Africa, or where ever I was... And they left the light on to burn up all the water. Since I was away for almost a full 2 months, he just didn't make it.
Lost the baby garter snake too, thanks mom.
So I think I shouldn't take on any more animals... I end up having them killed.
I never should have left Calgary in the first place, but I suppose it's my own damn fault for not being independant and stubborn.
I don't mind living in BC (when I'm there 14% of the time) it's quiet, and beautiful. There's just no money and I need about 90,000$ of it every year. At least.
Well, let me go and suffer for another 2-3 months, then I will be back where I started a year ago. Hopefully.... :( what a waste of time Australia was. Ugh. I'm going to be mad about that for a long time I think.

K BYE FOR NOW I'm going for a smoke!

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