Dec 19, 2005

East meets West, err, something like that.

So Here I am in Nova Scotia. In a community they call Kennetcook, not sure where exactly, but somewhere here in the middle of nowhere. You know the place?
It's getting colder, but Calgary's weather will be going from -15 to +10 while I'm here this week, sitting at a comfortable temperature of -4.
The flight was actually quite a pain in the ass. I was planning on doing some shopping in Toronto, but our flight was late so when we hit TO all the shops were closing up. I couldn't even get LUSH. Sniff sniff.
Well, at least we had time for a smoke... oh wait, we had to sit on the fucking airplane for an HOUR because of some lost paperwork or something like that... but eventually, after the gruelling flight, we landed in Halifax and managed to retrieve our luggage after an hour or so.

So here I am learning about Eastern Canadian culture, which is kind of different than those of us in the west. Not too different, just some of the alcoholic habits, speech, slang, dress, music, lifestyle, ok, just about everything. Some people are quite articulate and educated, and are easy to have a conversation with (ie: Mike's brothers girlfriend Michelle) and others I have to try not to stifle a laugh when the slurred words are forced from their bellowing mouths.
The people are friendly in their own weird way, it's somethign to be adjusted to however. It's easy to confuse it with instructions (DO IT YOURSELF is the most commun order) but really it's just East Coast friendliness.

The most difficult adjustment I will be making however, will be suffering extreme boredom, while Mikey will be getting together with friends and family, I'll be standing in the corner wondering what the heck everyone is saying and not sure what to say myself. There really isn't a whole lot to do either, it's fricking cold so walking around doesn treally work that great, and the internet here is DIAL UP so it's goign to be tough surfing the net since I'm used to 10X faster business speed Cable internet!!! Ak! At least my cellphone works.Too bad I'm 3 hours ahead of everyone I know so nobody will even be awake by the time i start pulling my hair out.

I am going to the liquor store now, planning to numb the boredom while I'm here for the next 3 weeks. At least I'll fit in!