Nov 24, 2005


So I spent the weekend in Vegas, without an acutal clue on what I really wanted to spend my time doing. I pretty much did it all. The first night I arrived fairly late, although suprirsingly easily got through customs without the usual hassle and them digging through every item I had on me... Which was nice.

So like I said, I arrived late...

Didn't do much that night. Settled in, had a bath (doesn't everyone like to do that when they are travelling?) and walked around my hotel the "Wynn". I got bored fast, and hit bed.

Slept in as usual, tried to run about my tasks, planned for a "spa" day and had my nails done and my eyebrows waxed. You gotta look good in Vegas, c'mon!I shopped at the outlet mall picking out every nice outfit in site, and since it was thanksgiving weekend in the USA EVERYTHING was on sale!!! I jumped a cab to another hotel and caught the "Star Trek Experience" which was an ultimately cool 3D interactive show/ride of sorts, where I also learned that my depth perception is a little off because there seemed to be a borg queen flying around my head.

I had dinner booked at 10pm at Drai's, a restaurant/lounge/nightclub/afterhours. The foodwas delicious and so was the wine. Chateau de Papineau or something like that.... 2001 bottle. A very good year.

Stayed there all night talking with a gay waiter. Till 6am. It took me till 3am to realize he wasn't joking about being gay.

The next evening when I woke up, and got ready for my dinner at "Excalibur" where I ate with my hands and yelled and waved chicken and broccoli around while horsess kicked minure into my water. They only served Pepsi (antichrist) so I gave the dinner a 7 instead. The swordfighting was great though.

At 10:30 I went to "Le Reve" show. Sort of a "cirque du soliel" style acrobatic water show, where everyone got splashed and oohed and awed the amazing feats people preformed over water and underwater. I'm so damn scared of heights, and these people dropped easy 20 stories into the tiny pool below... ugh...
After that I gambled, and watched a movie in my room.
Checked out the next day, said my goodbyes. That was it. Wow doesn't seem like I did much does it? But I was busy every day.. really!

The flight home was great, it was good to be home!

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