Feb 11, 2005

Mexico Day 3

So it's friday, and yesterday with all my free time between scuba and kyaking I booked a few excursions. Today I leave at 830am to hit the city, Puerto Vallarta.
We started with a four hour frikin drive I'm so damn tired I sleep the whole time. GOd its hotWalked around for a while, bored...

But Edwardo and Poncho the tour guides are funny, so I listen on occassion.
Did you know that PV has no unemployment? It's only grown the past 15 years? And there's lots of rich housing there... damn.
NO windows or doors on most of them... But yea, bought a nice skeleton thingy that I think is fuckin cool as hell.

Oh yea, then we went up to the jungle, walking down a rocky path to a restaurant without electricity and ate burnt pyrana or something like that. It was alright... I loved the view.

afterwards, we hit a local tequila factory, where they handmade their own tequila! (i hate the stuff but it was a nice educational tour)

Tequila does not have a worm in it. That's Mezcal, totally different.
Good tequila should never give you a hangover, look for the following: 100% BLUE agava, No additives or preservatives.
The plants they use take 10 years to grow, and they rip off the leaves using only the heart, which they then boil, and crush using the juices to ferment into the alcohol. Then they distill it.
You want it handmade. Distilled in a giant vat of wood and clay. That, is real tequila.

End of my day, I was pooped. (and buzzed)

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