Feb 10, 2005

Mexico Day 2

Day 2-

Reality sinks in.

My cellphone doesn't work in this country.
There's no internet access.
Payphone costs 1.11$ US a minute.
I'm gone, away from the world.
OK, so I go meet Pablo, and Argentinan guy who takes me to the pool, throws me a tank and some flippers, and I have my introductory scuba lesson. We swam around the bottom of the pool grabbing kids by the ankles for about 45 minutes... it was great ;) And back to the beach, I went kyaking. I don't have any pictures because my digital camera isn't Ocean-proof, so here, just have a look at my fearless self.
I mean, just look at those waves..... wow....

I passed out by 11pm.

No more drinking mexican shitmixes... Ugh

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