Oct 20, 1996

Diary of a Teenage Girl - 1996

Sunday 10/20/1996 weather: Sunny

Dear whatever you want to call yourself, hi. My name is Claire-Elise. I have a twin named Christene that lives in england. My life is perfect. Nothing tragic ever happens. Only little bad things. I slept over at Jen Clark's house. Then I came home. I got a phone call -page 2- from Christianne. I'm all alone with my brother. He is playing computer. I learned that I have 2 penis's, and that Jen is a giant penis in discuise and Jammie is a butthead [crossed out] used condom. I wonder if the whole world is just a big fat feminine masculine war? Bye now.

Tuesday 10/22/1996 weather: raining

Dear diary
In PE I hit Emma in the face with a volley-ball, really hard. I don't like Emma. My rabbits foot prevented me from bad luck. I got 75% in french, 77% in PE, and 78% in science. School is useful. I want to go to the KJ dance with my friends, but I don't know if I'm -cont page 2- allowed to. I'm pretty easygoing. If I have a birthday party, I'll invite only Jen Boettcher. I think she doesn't like me as much as she used to. I have air cadets today. We are going to have a halloween party next week. I'm going to wear my mask. My friend has amnesia.

Thursday 24/10/1996 weather: moist/cold

Dear _____,
me and little shit finished our science project. Next block he has to study. I have a small latex rabbit costume to wear to the dance. It fits on my skinny little body, too! I don't have 8$ for the dance, my mom only gave me 75 cents. I feel rich, though. I don't have -page 2 - any guy to dance with, but listen to my quote: "Love is one damned fool after another." Now it's 11:06:27. There is 1/2 a page left. Mike Babiarz sucks. I'm finally eating lunch. Now it's 1:44, and I keep thinking of "Lave les vassiles" I wonder if my ESP is finally working? Every has ESP but you have to learn to use it.

Saterday 26/10/96 weather: cold

Dear Shithead or diary, whatever you want to call yourself, I have to go out today. A science thing, I wonder if we're going to study ______? ____ = Light. I went to a light show, and I was the oldest person there. When I came home I babysat, I made 10$ for 3 hours. I watched dark night 4 on YTV, but it wasn't so great. Other than that, I didn't do anything.

Monday 28/10/96 weather: rainy

Hi, today is monday. At the end of the day we'll get report cards. Shawn is still puzzled about why I waned [waved?] to him. He is really stupid! I'm going to bring my photos. Christene came all the way from England, and we're going to switch places. My report card wasn't so bad, I got a B average.
-page 2-
Science - 79% B
Fr. Lit - 75% B
French - 70% C+
PE - 77% B

Tuesday 29/10/96

I went to air cadets halloween party as a biker rabbit from mars. I won the "best dressed female" prize. Now I'm going to bed, gnight.

Wedsday 30/10/96 weather: Sunny cold

Howdy page, today I: (in point form)
-went to school
-did my work
-Played quarter football
-watched a dog rape a cat
-tripped over my own feet alot
-did 75 min. of weight training
-went to a halloween party

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