May 27, 2014

The people who come into your life

Things happen when you least expect it.. but also dependent on how you behave and think. Watching a pot of water boil is tedious and seems to elongate the wait... just like when you are seeking something that you generally cannot force. Friendship, relationships, love, trust.... Anything that has to do with a human beings' free will seems to be a tedious battle with our innate desire to connect with other human beings.
They always say that love will find it's way to you and that searching for it will end up pushing you or forcing you into a relationship that perhaps was not meant to be, or isn't healthy etc...
We all have that feeling that lives within us throughout our lives. That gaping hole that we try to fill with drugs or alcohol, fleeting relationships, lust, money, career, children, religion... No science has been able to determine what causes or cures this feeling but each individual on their own path will wind up finding ways to create temporary satisfaction.
Search for the soul, search for a kindred spirit or even our soulmate... We wander the earth aimlessly wondering what our purpose is and whether or not we are destined to share our time on earth with that one "special someone".

I recently read an article defining that feeling... The dark place. That time in our lives and throughout our lifetime where we feel lost, aching, lonely, guilty, resentful, ashamed and confused. We all experience this.

Buddhism has it right when they say that only when we let go and carry no expectations, when we realize that nothing is "ours" and nothing is permanent, will we find inner peace.

Accept each passing moment and EVERY feeling, positive and negative, as a part of our human existence. Then we can heal faster and treat our sadness with love. We are all connected to everything on a subatomic vibrational level... the access to love and inner peace is infinite in the universe, we only need to realize it and then we can tap into this wonderful feeling of "letting go" and just enjoy our existence.

I am sad, angry, ashamed, excited, anxious, curious, happy, lonely, overwhelmed... I feel all of these emotions and have no control over my hormonal or chemical reaction to certain happenings in this lifetime and in this body. Myself personally, I seek companionship in other humans. I search for wisdom, truth, ignorance and entertainment. I know that my time in this linear existence is short, and I hope only to have a positive ripple effect and a fulfilled experience while I am me.
I enjoy food, touch, sound and smell. There are so many gifts we have as human beings I believe many people forget or become jaded to how special the little things are! A wonderful and tasty meal with ambiance and sweet sounds is something a dog, a tree or a fish could never enjoy or experience like we can.
I want to take it all in!

I suppose this is just a reminder to myself how lucky I am to be alive.

Now I'm going to enjoy some sleep, the ability to dream, and the opportunity to cleanse my brain of the chemicals created through my daily emotional experience, and wake up feeling refreshed and anew to experience even more.

Be thankful and be grateful, accept what you have. You'll have a much more fulfilled existence.

Love and peace be upon you!

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