Jul 18, 2012

The first step of my biggest adventure yet...

Well today I took the first step towards my biggest adventure.

I suppose I had better start by sharing with you my plan...

It all started with my list. 52 things to do before I die.... This was my original bucket list, started when I wad about 16 years old. I always was a goal oriented person. I enjoyed writing lists of what I would do if I won 1,000,000$ or wacky things I'd like to accomplish or try.
More recently I added one more thing to my list: to ride a horse across Canada. I had no idea about how I'd do it, I just thought it would be a cool way to see my country and jotted it down. Over the past year I've been thinking more about it, when would be a good time to go, what age I should try to cross it off the list, etc...
Over the Canada day long weekend, feeling rather lonely in a crowd of people, I suggested to my best friend that I should take on the feet next summer. I did a little research to see if it could be done and discovered a girl who'd achieved it in 2008. I found more and more information about it and it became less of an idea and more of a goal...

I said to my friend I was hoping to do this next summer and she suggested I do it for a purpose... Because its such an amazing feat, I could do some good in the meantime.

Instantly I was brought back to one thing I have always wanted to do to save the planet... And I immediately found an organization that was working towards just that!!
Perfect, I have my goal and my purpose. Now to set it in motion.

I emailed the organization right away letting them know my idea and began searching online for a horse. I had no idea what I was looking for. In all honesty, aside from reading "horses for dummies" I have little experience with the creatures. I decided to go for a young horse so I knew they would be healthy, and something under 2000$. That was my budget and where I would start. I found horse boarding as well!

I also began to search for routes, how I'd cross the country, how long it would take. I found out how much ground a horse could cover and realistically how I'd go about it.

I estimate it will take 3-4 months. The girl who did this journey had gotten trailered along tough paths where the highway was treacherous, she spent extra time in some spots, and she only spent one night camped out. She always found a place for her horse and overcame every challenge.

The difference is she was an experienced rider...

Anyhow, I've been casually looking for a horse since Canada day, and have gotten some advice from 2 of my knowledgable horse friends. I'm now searching for a 6+ year old horse who is a quarter horse, Arabian or Tennessee walker. I need broke to ride (so I don't get broke) and last but not least, some riding lessons for myself.

So today I went to look at my first horse... His name is Tux and he's an Arab. A bit out of shape but strong and confident, has a lot of go and definitely needs to be an outdoor guy!
The coolest part of visiting this horse was bumping into Robyn, she's a trainer now... But we go waaaaaay back. Like, 10+ years back! It was surprising for sure. Maybe it's a sign.

And the horse... I saw this guy and he seemed disinterested if not irritated... But I made sure to appear confident and brushed off any anxiety this giant beast would cause.

Of course I was scared. People die falling off horses and getting kicked or stomped! But I didn't let him know it.
Then I got on the horse. He quickly realized I had no idea what I was doing, and got super confused and annoyed with me. Amazingly by fake confidence was oozin cuz he didn't buck my sorry rag doll ass off while I flopped around like a monkey up there! At one point he took a tumble, he could have rolled on me but didn't. In spite of my irritating self, he kept me from harm... And yes it was hilarious to the horse trainer and my horse loving friend I brought with!

I found a good horse but we would both need work... He's on the top of the list, for now.