Mar 17, 2011

Sad to leave Thailand

My last day in Thailand was a cold, sad one. Bammy was very upset to see me go. Over a short period of time we managed to develop a close friendship. She was an absolute gem to have travel with me, making my trip a lot easier to manage and the company was extra nice!
I checked into the Asia hotel beside the Ratchathewit skytrain station to make for easy access to the airport. I also was close to MBK, my favorite spot to see and do everything! The giant shopping mall allowed for an easy and cheap meal, great people watching, some decent shopping and transportation nearby. Bammy and I spent a bit of time wandering the mall and we also took advantage of the movie theatre... We watched rapunzle in 3D :-) very cute movie and also took use of the word "awesome" (which I taught bam) and she was very excited! (another word I taught bam) Outside MBK there are often events takin place, we just happened to catch something that caught appearances of Thai superstars... I signed something that I have no idea what it was however the media took great pride in this foreigner partaking so I'll be on Thai tv! Haha... Famous everywhere!

One of my last meals, bam decided she wanted me to try something new... Now don't get me wrong, I love trying new things! However, this dish was not my favorite. Smelling a little bit like an overweight sex addicted woman who bathes rarely, this salad has whole cold crabs crushed into it (just for flavour!) and the smell is closely followed by the taste of STANK... whew! At least I tried it! Also took me a few attempts to remove the smell from my face, hands and breath! Gross! Haha

So now the time has come to say goodbye... Jump on the train and drag my luggage to the airport. Teary eyed and bleak, bam hugged me goodbye wishing me protection and luck in my future, and begging me to return soon for more adventures! I leave Thailand with so much... Knowledge and experience of and amazing country and interesting culture... A few souvenirs, and a new friend! I'll never forget this trip and I hope it's only one of many more to come.

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