Nov 19, 2009

Caribbean Cruising?

HAL has taken away more of my time, effort, and credit!

I have spent a week in the Caribbean Nov 7-14th and I met Sylvia Brown & Colette Baron-Reid, 2 wonderful women (intuitives) whom have stolen my heart.
I had a very spiritual and fulfilling trip, complete with love and excitement, followed by 2 more weeks in the Caribbean for a low, low price!

I'll be spending my xmas getting a SUNTAN! Hooray!

In the meantime, I'm studying for my pStar (student pilot permit) and struggling to catch up on MET and other junk that I missed over my holiday.

Regan, my flight instructor, sends empty promises my way of studying and tutoring but I have yet to see it ;)

In any case, I'm progressing very quickly and even after only 6 flights I'm caught up to where I left off. I will be doing circuits now until I solo. 35 hours later of dual time and I still have not solod... how embarassing! Oh well, at least 30 hours of those are 5 years old :S

Anyhow, it's my BIRTHDAY on Saturday. Another year goes by... Wow, time flies!

I guess I better grow up sometime!

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