May 1, 2007

Life in Sydney

This is Sydney - Helicopter shot of the harbour bridge and opera house

Wow I am so lazy I haven't been online to update you all!

The first thing I did in Sydney was a harbour cruise, where I took the below photo of myself and couldn't keep my hair out of my face. I also sat in pigeon poo, but didn't know about it.

Sydney was GREAT - my 2 week "test" period was good, interview was good, now all I have to do is pack and go.

So in the meantime, I'm packing up my Calgary home and making headway for BC, where I will set up my home base.

Then after that, I fly back to Australia to try things out for 2 months! Anyhow, I had a blast and the people there are very friendly. I'll post a bunch of photos.

This is the Sydney Harbour Bridge - at night. Yes, I have a good camera!

The above photos are from the Featherdale Wildlife Park and if that's spelled wrong I have no idea I'm sorry. I called it Willow Park and WeatherPark Zoo and so I could be mistaken... Anyhow, it's an interactive zoo just East of Sydney. I played with all the fuzzy wuzzies!

I took a scuba course at Pro Dive Coogee - ladies and gentlemen, don't go there. It was a waste of time and money. Sure, I'm certified now, (advanced) but I didn't actually learn anything and I don't feel that the "5 dives" actually taught me how to improve my bouyancy, or reacte to nitrogen narcosis (nor recognize it), I also didn't learn how to navigate under water and recognize natural environments. Even though that's what I was supposed to be doing. Also, the 5 dives were more like 4. And the course that was supposed to run until 3pm only ran until 11pm, both days. It was BARE MINIMUM. My instructor also informed a girl that was diving with us that he gets hammered every 2nd day and goes diving the next morning. But he doesn't get hungover, so that's ok.

So here I am diving in Manly's oceanarium, oblivious to the enormous sharks that were hanging out in the tank. They weren't as scary in person - just a little hungry, and I kept my arms close to my body just in case I accidently hit one of them and they decided to rip my arm off.
This cute little turtle just wanted kisses - then I found out he was hungry as well and that's what they do before they bite your nose off.


  1. Yeah, dive courses just to make a buck, I've heard of those... reason why always pay extra to take my course in Canada. Don't get too discouraged though, diving, like any other sport is best learned by practice and observing those around you. And practicing is always a lot of fun :)

  2. Anonymous2:34 AM

    again with the world traveling!
    if you're flying around all the time then how come i only checked you in once?!

  3. Anonymous2:35 AM

    that was me .. your fav air canada checker inner and flight boarder. --sony

  4. Kit Tomlinson1:19 PM

    Hey Sony... How are ya? You should find me on Facebook!