Feb 8, 2007

Hot & Wet - Amazon Trip M/Y Tucano


That describes this trip perfectly. The rainforest is a little different than I initially thought it would look like, it's drier and there aren't as many gooey mushroom plants LOL just a lot of different trees, branches, and vines. The vines are hard like wood, I don't think Tarzan could swing on these! Anyhow,

I drank a lot of wine last night and was quite ill. Blame it on the motion of the boat, the Amazon humidity, or the thick red wine... I am feeling much better today (it's also late afternoon) I skipped out on this morning's excursion, but I don't care I needed the sleep. I still am quite dehydrated.

We finally got to swim today! The water was warm & red, I could swim underneath you and not be seen. I actually scared Jimbo and Gabriel (the guide). He scared me in return, using a peice of wood. Bugger.

Been taking loads of photos, I can't wait to develop them!

I haven't quit smoking yet but I think it's (sort of) possible. I only have a few more days of this amazing trip & it will be all over too fast... I am really enjoying this sun and warmth, I think I'm getting a tan and I'm seeing a lot of beautiful stuff! I'm so lucky to be here!

--next day--

SO here we are again, it's hot and still hasn't rained. [for the record, this is the rainy season. in the rainforest.]

My health seems good, I'm eating really fresh & exotic food but I'm not losing any weight which is strange. Probably due to the 3 full meals a day + snacks! This morning's excursion was short, it seems like there is less and less wildlife. Our outings are still 4 a day but not as long as usual.

I found a cockroach in the bathroom... I named him Archie (for Helen). I AM SO EXHAUSTED.

The exursions are beginning to get repetative and I think I want to skip out... I think only 3 ppl have missed anything so far. This trip has been amazing!

So relaxing, and exhausting at the same time!

I'm getting hungry, but I don't want to eat. I'm going to go home a Hippo.

Temperatures have been ranging 28-33 degrees Celcius, even at night. The sun set's around 6:30, and today it rained for 5 minutes (sunny).

Time to change into outfit #35!

I LOVE PIRHANA FISHING (I didn't really catch anything except a couple babies). Pirhana is great fried in batter... MMMMMMMM.

We went pirhana fishing TWICE because everyone loved it so much!


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