Jan 11, 2007

Welcome to Hollywood!

Hello everyone, from the Hyatt on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles!

Directly behind me you will find Beverly Hills, where the Celebs hang out and Goldiggers shop!

I have a room on the 11th floor with a great view of the city, and the curvaceous street with palm trees below me.

Last night I had dinner at a nice little Cucina Italiano, where everyone sat together and it was CROWDED... Just off Hollywood Blvd, a little further west... They had no liquor lisence so we couldn't purchase a bottle of wine but a nice asian couple beside us donated the other half of their merlot as they headed out the door.

The place filled up fast, and the wait time between orders was extremely high. 20+ minutes. I did enjoy my arugula and radicchio salad thoroughly, and stuffed my palate with a nice seafood pasta jam packed with calamari, mussles, clams, and an enormous tiger prawn topping it off. Tasted more like lobster :) mmmm... So fresh!

Afterwards I headed over to Tropicana located in the Roosevelt Hotel, poolside bar with heaters and nice comfy lie down couches all along the edges. The bartender was super friendly...

"I am we Todd did. I am Sofa King we Todd did."

Please read this aloud to all your friends.

Now origionally I was at the Orlando hotel on 3rd st West, but the location was out of the way from anything.... Although I have to admit the room was nice, there was a private and heated pool on the terrace, and the amenities were plentiful... But I wanted more. I wanted to be able to step out the door and walk to somewhere other than the ghetto. I must confirm this with all you hotel owners : LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION!!!!!

So here I am :) And I will be here 2 nights before heading home. But this is FUCKIN AWESOME!

My first time in L.A. and I'm hoping to get in touch with Tracey, a nice woman I met onboard the Golden Princess whom is extremely cool and I can't wait to have a couple cocktails with this vivacious woman!

This will NOT be my last trip to L.A. In fact, remember folks, when I'm famous.... I'll probably be here part time. I just haven't been discovered yet.

Now I'm heading to the Ivy for lunch, (60$+, Celeb hotspot) then off to Kitson for SHOPPING!


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  1. Anonymous7:00 PM

    haha wow, .. I just now found that piece of paper you wrote your blog url on... you really do travel a lot huh? thats crazy cause i've only checked you in once. Italy does look nice tho, you weren't lying!

    I think i'll go there this summer..

    --the s-man. your fav air canada checkin pal.